Apple’s next EarPods could be the ultimate wearable device

“In late 2012, Apple finally replaced the iconic white earbuds that came with every iPod and iPhone since 2001 with a new design: EarPods, a three-year labor of love, claimed to be a one-size-fits-all headphones solution for the human ear.,” Dave Smith writes for ReadWrite. “An update to this ubiquitous accessory could make a big splash in the wearables market, defying while also supplementing expectations of Apple’s iWatch.”

“In-ear headphones are the wearable device we don’t think about. Like a wristband, it has contact with our skin—and if you listen to music when you exercise, you know it’s a fitness device,” Smith writes. “That’s why I find this rumor, posted anonymously on the Secret app Thursday morning, particularly intriguing.”

Apple’s new EarPods will have sensors in them, for heart rate & blood pressure. Also iBeacons so they don’t get lost. They will require the lightning port, it’s why the audio jack was moved to the bottom.

“Some believe the long-rumored iWatch could be the primary way Apple captures data from our bodies to feed into this new software. But Apple could release an alternative way for customers to get in on the health action without needing to throw down serious cash for a presumably expensive smartwatch,” Smith writes. “Enter the EarPods.”

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    1. Me too. If my phone is in my pants pocket, I snake the earbud wires up through my shirt, coming out at the neck and into my ears. If I pull them from my ears, they hang at the collar.

      1. I wear In Ear Monitors, or canalphones, partly because a) they sound better, and partly because b) they block lots of background noise, which helps a), especially operating noisy machinery, where a dangling cable could be a liability.
        I run the cable down my back, under my shirt, so the cables run either side of my neck, and just hang if I have to take them out. I can still use any remote easily. Watch most musicians on stage, they do the same thing with their IEM’s, from the wireless receiver for their sound monitoring. Much more comfortable, and less obtrusive, and even better with over-ear cables.
        I must admit I really like the new EarPods, dead comfy, excellent sound quality for the price, the only negative being they don’t really block background noise.

        1. I hate wires/cables, period.

          I am of the firm belief, manufacturers should pay me for accepting any appliance that requires a cable.

          If I have to pay for AC, then they should subsidize my expenditures to make their machine work.

          I really hate the cable on my vacuum cleaner. And the cable on the toaster is about three-feet too short.

          Don’t even get me started on electronics.


  1. Apple is going to blow the doors off Samsung.

    All Samsung can do is be there first, good or bad, and hope to garner mindshare, but I think we all know everyone is waiting to see what Apple unveils.

    I have no doubt the sum of its parts will be a formidable package and the healthcare industry is watching.

    1. Apple’s tagline should be…

      “We don’t just say we innovate…. we actually do it… there’s a reason why some are only able to say the NEXT big thing…”

      “Innovation is more than a bigger screen…”

      anyway… Steve Jobs would have been the best to deliver such lines…

      I think it’s time for Ives to speak up about real innovation…

  2. It may be suitable for some.. But i for sure would hate to walk around with esr pods in my ears all day long!
    Plus EarPods are not comfortable for all.
    Maybe for some it is a natural fit.. But for most it is an annoying thing sticking in your ear.

    1. Not to worry, there will be something for everyone.

      It isn’t hard to imagine five-hundred-dollar-off-the-shelf products that capitalize on Apple’s interfaces providing myriad functionality, or do one thing really well.

      But the spectrum of affordability will be pleasing to all makes and models.

      I see whole industries springing up from Apple’s interfaces for the healthcare industry.

      They just cracked the automotive barrier and it will pale in comparison to what Apple has planned for assistive medical devices.

      Health centers, Gyms, clinics will receive makeovers if General Electric partners with Apple to reinvent medicine in the 21st Century.

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