Tim Cook, Macro Genius

“If Tim Cook ever tires of his job as Apple CEO, he could maybe start a macro hedge fund,” Mercenary Trader writes for Seeking Alpha. “The market timing of Apple Inc. (AAPL) is exquisite, re, turning itself into a widows-and-orphans play (via 7 for 1 stock split and fat dividend hike) just as investors show panicky demand for safety, quality, and cash flow, with ‘boring the new sexy’ in a very big way.”

“The AAPL surge is not reason to be optimistic on the tech side – in fact we’d say the opposite, it is more evidence of a late-cycle rotation into ‘anything that isn’t melting down,'” Mercenary Trader writes. “AAPL also remains a double-digit percentage of Nasdaq QQQ Trust (QQQ), thus helping explain the wicked tail in QQQ yesterday.”

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  1. Tim Cook cleverly took BUN metrics along BCN return, +- JAM.

    Most CEO’s ignore JAM, but Tim Cook is fully aware of BUN, BCN, and JAM which is why Steve Jobs selected him for CEO.

      1. @ Yojimbo007.
        BUN Means Bun as in bread bun!
        BCN Means bacon as in ‘a rasher of bacon’!
        JAM Means fruit jam, as in strawberry or plum jam.

        A Bacon Butty or a bacon sandwich can be sweetened with the application of jam hence,
        The share dividend = BUN alongside the,
        buy back = BCN has been sweetened with the, .
        JAM = 7 for 1 share split.

        Aren’t you glad hannahjs woke me up?

  2. The only thing Timid Cook is a genius at is sucking up air like he’s going to die if he doesn’t!

    This flamboyant creampuff is just sitting back and collecting millions, while Apple and its product line remain stagnant.

    Oh but “we need to give Cook a few more years to see what he does with Apple.”

    Famous last words!

    1. When Tim Cook finally has his own breakthrough product hit for Apple fools like you will be shut up with egg on your face looking like the total iHating doofuses you are and the anal-cysts will disingenuously declare “At last Tim Cook listened to us about innovation’!”

  3. Odd, who would have thought that a well run company showing massive and consistent profit with a large and high quality customer base would be a better bet than no profit margin companies operating in the dregs of the market?!

  4. Please. Hedge fund or whatever it takes to take him away from Apple. The sooner the better before the glitter falls away from the AAPL manipulation everyone is so excited about and we get to see – what? A watch on the shelves along with all the others that have been met with such consumer enthusiasm? Please. Quickly. Before we head back to $400 or $25 or whatever.

  5. Scratching my head at the anti-Cook trolls. It’s like they’re so pissed off about being wrong about Cook that they can’t be happy about the good news. But that’s par for the course for these types. No news is good news if it means they were wrong.


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