Updated 11- and 13-inch MacBook Air models due next week, sources say

“Apple may be planning to update its MacBook Air line next week, according to a new report from MacGeneration,” Richard Padilla reports for MacRumors. “Citing reliable sources, the website notes that references have been made towards new devices featuring screens of 11-inches and 13-inches, which are the current display sizes for the MacBook Air.”

“Apple last updated the MacBook Air in June 2013, which featured Intel’s energy-efficient Haswell processors, faster PCI Express-based storage, and faster 802.11ac Wi-Fi,” Padilla reports. “If the claims turn out to be true, it is likely that a new MacBook Air at this point in time would feature a small speed bump among few other changes.”

Padilla reports, “Multiple reports have also indicated that Apple is working on a brand new 12-inch MacBook Air for later this year.”

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  1. On elf the things that got lost in the reporting yesterday is that Apple Mac sales continue to grow in a declining market.

    It has not been that long ago that the entire installed base of OS X was about 30 million. Now Apple is selling 4 million + a quarter.

    1. Not completely Air-related, but along those lines, I just swapped the optical drive in my 13″ MacBook Pro with a 250GB Samsung SSD. I cloned my HD to the SSD and that is now my startup drive. It screams!

      The MBP may not be as svelte as the Air, but now it’s extremely useful to me.

  2. The smaller SSD storage wouldn’t be quite as lousy if Apple would at least double or quadruple iCloud storage.

    Also, you should have the option of picking ANY size SSD with any configuration of MBA or MBPro. I was stunned yesterday when I was helping a friend pick out a new laptop and found out that you can only customize the SSD size on the top-of-the-line models.

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