iOS 7.1.1 delivers dramatic battery life improvements for iPhone users

“I keep an eye on iPhone and iPad battery life following all iOS updates and I have to say that the iOS 7.1 update wasn’t kind to the power pack,” Adrian Kingsley-Hughes reports for ZDNet. “I saw the battery life of my iPhone – and several other test devices – go from “great” to “poor” overnight.”

“I’ve collected a fair bit of data for my workhorse iPhone 5. Pre iOS 7.0, six hours of use would take my fully charged iPhone down to 74 percent,” Kingsley-Hughes reports. “Following iOS 7.1, I started seeing the battery drop to around 48 percent per six hours of use, which was a significant and very noticeable level of degradation.”

“Then came iOS 7.1.1,” Kingsley-Hughes reports. “Following this update I’ve noticed that things have improved dramatically, and now battery life is only falling to around 76 percent per six hours of average use, which is better than what I was getting pre iOS 7.0.”

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  1. I had problems on my iPad 3 with the battery draining rapidly compared to ios6, hopefully the battery improvement is true with the current iOS 7 update

    1. Has not improved on my iPad Mini. Sometimes if I just lay it down after using it, and come back to it after 15 minutes or so, it will be warmer to the touch than when I left it and the battery percentage will have dropped 20 or so points. I just reboot it and that takes care or it. Same as before the upgrade. iPhone 5 seems ok, but not so with the phone of a friend of mine. I don’t have time to be tweaking them all the time, so for now will just live with it.

  2. I’m going to need to reset my phone or something. My battery life is not lasting as long with the new update. I’ve never seen my battery this low after a day at work with marginal use. Think I’ll drain the thing, reset and hope for the best.

      1. Stop calling the person above a troll. I too, for some unknown reason am experiencing the same thing and being a frequent poster here and huge Apple supporter will contact Apple directly for their great customer support.

    1. Check the archives. A few weeks ago there was a great reference here to an article an ex-genius from an Apple store wrote about battery life. I followed the suggestions and got dramatically better battery life. Basically, turn off the automatic checks for FB, email and such.

    2. Apple recommends that you periodically run the battery down to zero and then perform a full recharge.

      I have an electric toothbrush that eventually almost dies while brushing teeth. I let it run out completely, put it back on the charger for a long charge, and it works like new again.

      1. S5 only good at one thing… showing HD movies/shows… because of its bigger screen…

        This fall will be interesting, no?

        As for their finger id tech… if anyone has tried it… if you tried to id yourself 10x… you would be happy if it recognized your swipe 5x… maybe one would need to own it and practise…

        Swiping a finger is OBVIOUSLY not better than leaving your finger still…

        1. I think them Droids are used to swiping their fingers. After all after removing their collective thumbs out of their asses, they have to swipe it dry somewhere or with each other. So the swiping action is 2nd nature to them Droids. lol

    1. I use an Android phone as well as an iPhone, never had malaware on that and get twice the battery life of the iPhone. Battery life on Android phones have improved a lot in recent years and from being behind iPhones a few years ago many now outperform the iphone significantly….. so much for no improvement.

      1. BS.
        Battery life may have improved but it is still slightly worse then the iPhone.
        I have an m8, s5 and iPhone 5s.
        M8 and s5 drop 1% battery sitting doing nothing, iPhone drops less than 1/2% per hour.

        1. I have a note 3 as have many of my friends and we all get much better life than an iPhone, two have an LG G2 and that is even better than the Note 3. I have no experience of an Htc M8 or Sam S5, but reports are all saying the battery life is better than iPhone (although I am sceptical with a lot of the reviews). My Note does more work as well, as I run a complicated setup with lots of widgets, which are not running on my iPhone.

  3. After installing 7.1, my iPhone’s battery can drop from 50% to 0% overnight. I wake up to an iPhone with totally no power! Even stranger, my wife’s iPhone (same model, bought at the same time) does not experience any battery problem.

    I decided to do a complete restore of my iPhone and the results are amazing! It’s back to pre-7.1 levels again. I highly recommend doing this for any one experiencing battery drain.

    Looking for to even more battery savings with 7.1.1.

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