Apple pushes environmental efforts ahead of Earth Day

“On a stunning cloudless day in the Nevada desert, Lisa Jackson stands with her back to an array of advanced solar cells, peering across a low chain link fence at NV Energy’s Fort Churchill Power Generating plant just a few hundred yards away,” Steven Levy reports for Wired. “The 1960s vintage facility has two giant boilers rising from the scrub brush, belching steam and god knows what else. It couldn’t be more different than the futuristic tract where Jackson is standing, with its gleaming rows of curved mirrors and palm-size silicon wafers silently drawing energy from the blinding sun. It’s like a contrast between a phone booth and an iPhone.”

“The longtime government official, now 52, is no longer Obama’s environmental czar. Since last June she has been Apple’s Vice President of Environmental Initiatives, reporting directly to CEO Tim Cook. It is in that capacity that she is on a mid-April trip to visit the solar array being tested in Yerington, Nevada, and Apple’s newest data center a few miles outside Reno,” Levy reports. “It’s an unusual trip in that its point is to give a reporter exposure to the way Apple works, a departure from the company’s usual maniacal secrecy. But when it comes to the environment, Apple consciously carves out an exception to its standard opacity. Part of the motive, of course, is generating a halo effect from good works. But Apple also hopes to inspire other companies and organizations to embark on similar ecologically helpful enterprises. Though it may not have always been the case, Apple has a good Earth Day story to tell.”

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Apple has updated with a direct link to the company’s microsite on the environment (pictured below) which contains a new video, narrated by Apple CEO Tim Cook:

Apple and the environment

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  1. The back page of the Adelaide Advertiser has a full page Apple ‘ad’ promoting their environmental activities. It also has a passing reference to Samsung et al.

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