Apple iCloud sparks divorce cases by exposing cheating spouses

“Cloud-based software, including Apple’s iCloud, is providing a new way for people to learn whether their partners are cheating on them, according to a leading divorce lawyer,” Sophie Curtis reports for The Telegraph. “Sam Hall, family law partner at JMW Solicitors, said he had received several enquiries in recent months after people found incriminating messages or photos on shared cloud-based software which sync with their mobile phones, tablets or computer.”

“In one case Hall is currently advising on, a married man in his early 40s was out for the night with male friends, who encouraged him to download Tinder and ‘look up’ nearby single women looking for dates. He also used Snapchat to exchange explicit photos with women, which continued in the weeks following the night out,” Curtis reports. “Unfortunately for the man, the explosive photos and messages synced to the iCloud account he shared with his wife – and which could also have been viewed by his iPad-literate son, aged just seven.”

“His wife monitored the account for a fortnight to gather evidence before confronting her husband, who she is now divorcing on grounds of unreasonable behaviour, also pointing out the emotional damage the couple’s son could have suffered had he seen the explicit photos and messages,” Curtis reports. “In another case, a teenager using a family iPad discovered incriminating messages and photos exchanged between her mother and a man with whom she was having an affair. The woman is being divorced by her husband on the basis of adultery.”

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  1. It’s a convenience and part of apple’s known ecosystem. It’s not apples fault that he’s a dumbass. That would be about the same as her leaving her purse on the counter and just walking by it. He could have gone into his photo stream and removed them from photo stream, or even better: comply with apple’s end user license agreement and have one person use one account and other people use their own accounts.

      1. Well no…but if there is a negative angle to work, The Telegraph can be relied on to provide a play space for the troll hordes.
        Check out the comments.

    1. A toaster to which you tell all your secrets, expecting it to keep its BFF mouth shut. Oops.

      In the way distant sci-fi future:

      Master: “Robby! I could melt down your metal butt and turn you into pie plates for letting my wife know I was boinking around town with every flirting space cadette materializing at the teleports.

      Robby-The-Robot: “My apologies sir. But I am, after all, the artificial assistant for your entire family. Perhaps it would be useful for you to inject into your cortex a nanobook about human maturity and the personal responsibility requirements of adulthood.”

  2. @James: I think it’s “interesting” that he is smart enough to buy an iPhone (and other Apple products) but not smart enough to a) not engage in patently STUPID behavior, or b) not hide the evidence of that behavior. From what I read, his “bad behavior” did not quite reach “cheating”, though it may have looked like he was intent on that.
    Perhaps it was the WIFE who was smart enough to buy the Apple gear, knowing she was giving him enough rope to hang himself. She monitored it for a fortnight, hoping to get something even MORE incriminating.

    1. Good point. This joke was mostly aimed at the Android demographic, but that still does not excuse this. I’m no cheater, but even if I was…never mind, I’m not going there. I almost sounded like OJ Simpson for a second!

  3. There are people out there, way too many people who need an app to teach them life skills.
    For example; the role of a husband and the responsibilities that go with it and like wise the same for wives as well.

    Zzzz!!! Snorrrrrr!!! Zzzz!!!! “Sleep blogging,” Zzzzzzzzzz!!!!

  4. Wait…. Apple iCloud only has 5 GB of storage and he has at least 2 iPhones and 1iPad connected? Does he/she/they not sync anything? I found it pretty easy to consume most of the 5 GB with 1 iPhone and 1iPad.

    1. I consumed all of mine with just my Mac and my iPhone, my iPad has its own iCloud as I let other members of my family use it but that’s full as well!

  5. When I used to run a subject related group on the Internet, way back when, I always advised honesty. I’ve always had surprising success just being honest. But there are circumstances where many people believe they must be secret because they really want to stay with their spouses, despite the cheating. I’ve always felt sorry for their situations, their spouses, their kids, while staying out of the situation.

    But then there are the people who just can’t help being… [place favorite derogatory adjectives here]. Stuff like this has a magical sense of inevitability that tells me the relationship never was going to work out anyway. Well done. Beautifully managed catastrophic parting of ways. Don’t forget to apologize to your kids as well.

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