Samsung, Globalfoundries team up in challenge to TSMC

“Samsung Electronics Co. and Globalfoundries Inc. are teaming up in the made-to-order chip business, an alliance aimed at stealing orders from Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.,” Ian King reports for Bloomberg.

“Globalfoundries will license Samsung’s most advanced new chipmaking technology, called 14-nanometer FinFET, giving customers access to production at plants in Texas, New York state and South Korea. Terms of the accord weren’t disclosed,” King reports. “The companies are seeking to pose a bigger challenge to Taiwan Semiconductor, which last year controlled about half of the $38.9 billion chip-foundry business.”

“Samsung and Globalfoundries are betting the advanced technology and scale they can offer together will help ensure they remain central in the market for building smartphone and tablet parts,” King reports. “Globalfoundries ranked second in the made-to-order chip market last year, and Samsung was fourth, together generating about $8.2 billion of foundry revenue, according to market researcher IC Insights Inc. Samsung’s main customers for chip-building work are Apple Inc. and itself — the company makes parts for its own phone and tablet divisions, McGregor said.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


    1. will never happen… they also control a large part of the media in S. Korea…

      They are like the G.E. of Korea…. although they are known in the U.S. primarily for their electronics…

      Why Intel doesnt get off it’s high horse and work with Apple to kill off Samsung in the race for Apple’s business (not just the volume Android/MSFT biz)

  1. thing is all those Android OEMs buying chips are NOT looking for ‘advanced new chipmaking technology’ ” but the cheapest crap they can find to load up in their cheap craptastic phones. Do they want to pay more for thinner ‘nano tech’ when the can just make their phones bigger for example?

    Even samsung does not load their OWN stuff in their own phones: even their top phones like the S series are mostly powered by cheap Qualcomm Snapdragon chips instead of their own more expensive Exynos series (last year with the S4 they gave Octo Exynos chips in the phones sent to reviewers then did a bait and switch and loaded Quad Snapdragons into millions of shipping S4s).

  2. Who the hell is handing out the 1 stars? Pro tip: don’t bother astroturfing here, no one likes Samsung that’s a fan of this site and that’s never going to change.

    1. Probably that Zombie douche, who couldn’t figure a way to spin this article into “I hate iOS7 so fire TC” and so is using downvotes to spread his hate.

  3. Samdung is a “Serial Infringer” on American Technology so i hope they go Sinking like a Rock without Apple’s Business.
    They Ripped off their #1 Customer to the tune of Billions.
    I guess the end justifies the means.

    (Talk about Biting the hand that feeds you).Fuck em!!!

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