Samsung okayed Apple attack ads 2 days after Steve Jobs’ death

“Here’s an interesting sequence of events, buried between the lines of a Samsung e-mail trail that Apple entered into evidence as part of its big patent infringement suit, now in its third week,” Philip Elmer-DeWitt reports for Fortune.

• Oct. 4, 2011: From Samsung’s VP of U.S. sales Mike Pennington to Samsung America CEO Dale Sohn and chief marketing officer Todd Pendleton. “As you have shared previously, we are unable to battle [Apple] directly in our marketing. If it continues to be Samsung’s position to avoid attacking Apple … can we go to Google and ask them to launch a campaign against Apple…”

• Oct. 5, 2011: Steve Jobs dies.

• Oct. 7, 2011: Pendleton to Pennington. “Hey Michael, We are going to execute what you are recommending [mocking Apple’s devoted fan base] in our holiday [Galaxy S2] campaign and go head to head with iPhone 4S.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Again, as we wrote last week: Samsung is a scumbag outfit. Boycott all Samsung-branded products.

As we wrote last August: Anyone who buys Samsung-branded products (phones, TVs, washers, dryers, microwaves, etc.) today is either obtuse or lacking in morals.

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    1. Agree it is business. But as a consumer I have a choice and I have not bought any products from Samsung in the last 3 years.
      Also do not use Google for search and avoid buying from Amazon when I can help it.

    2. Imagine a robbers coming to your house stealing, would you stand still for them attacking you or defending?. If you answered doing nothing, there is something serious WRONG with you.

      1. The article is suggesting there’s something evil / disgusting about attacking Apple upon the knowledge of SJ’s passing. That’s what I’m commenting to.

        It’s a load of crap to say that touch screen phones with active links to text, place telephone call, launch website, etc. were nothing special because nobody was doing it before Apple, and when everyone saw it, they knew nobody would buy their little screens with physical qwerty keyboards. (Everyone except Blackberry Co-Presidents that is / smirk)

    3. ‘It’s not personal, it’s just business’ is nothing more than an attempt to excuse and explain away antisocial behavior. That attitude, when it becomes engrained in an organization then leads to sociopathic decisions like Samsung copying the iPhone as closely as possible, Google redesigning Android after they saw the iPhone, and going way back, Microsoft copying Mac OS in Windows.

      Some business are managed by people who care about honor and have a conscience; some are not. Samsung is clearly the latter.

      1. “Some business are managed by people who care about honor and have a conscience; some are not. Samsung is clearly the latter.”

        Exactly. This is what Capitalism is supposed to be. Enlightened Self-Interest. Not unbridled greed run rampant. A Civil Society requires that the parties be engaged in CIVIL commerce, respecting the bounds that society has placed upon each of us. We mutually agreed in our Constitution that patents are granted to protect certain ideas for a limited time to allow the inventor to benefit financially from the creation of those ideas and creations. If a person, real of fictitious, cannot abide by the civil constraints we have all agreed upon, then he or it should be ostracized from that civil society. . . and prevented from participation in it. Apple is just such a Civil participant and is a shining example of Enlightened Self-Interest. Perhaps the best one. Samsung, on the other hand, is a prime example of unbridled greed. . . acting with incivility, riding roughshod over the civil compact, ignoring the agreed rules, to seize whatever it wants in its rapacious pillaging for profit. It is, if you will, the bully in the playground. It should not be rewarded for its practices.

    1. So you can share with friends, family and associates. Many only sees the bad press constantly targeting Apple. A voice of reason from a trusted family or friend is helpful.

  1. I had no idea until now just how much Samsung is full of scumbags. I wasn’t interested in buying their phones, and I have blacklisted their hard drives due to the lousy warranty support that I received a few years ago, but this will likely mean that I won’t buy any of their products from now on.

  2. The more I see how Samsung operates, the more I realise that it’s not enough to boycott Samsung products, we also need to boycott all Korean products.

    For instance, if you were thinking of buying a Korean car, who do you think makes all those electronic parts inside it ?

    1. The thing is, most people here don’t know where their “American” cars come from. I’m from Minnesota, which is doing its best in the region, but our neighbor, Michigan isn’t so hot. Most of their GM plants closed down and moved either north or south of the border. Look at Detroit, or Flint. Ever since they left, those cities have been going downhill, and all these urban hipsters are buying Korean hybrids. There you have it: Even more reasons to boycott everything from that country.

  3. Samsung, what a bunch of lowlifes.

    I think the solution is to have our CIA do something useful for a change. They should encourage Kim Jong-un to test one of his missiles on the Samsung headquarters.

  4. Best way to samescum is to vote with your wallets.

    Don’t buy any product of theirs and whenever you meet someone you know tell them how bad the company is.

    The more people who do this the more money they will lose.

    Another reason not to buy their products is that thee not American – that is reason enough.

  5. The Samsung iHating Force is at large on CNET and calling that Apple does and would have done the same thing. What a load of crap. I haven’t seen Apple do anything like that as soon as a competitor founder or CEO died. Much alone release a campaign attack plan based on someones death!

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