Apple continues to tweak Apple TV video headset accessory

“In late March Patently Apple posted a report entitled ‘Facebook to buy Oculus for $2 Billion,’ where noted that Apple’s acquisition of PrimeSense could advance Apple’s previous work on a video headset,” Jack Purcher reports for Patently Apple.

“Today the US Patent and Trademark Office reveals that Apple has revisited their patent application regarding their video headset that could be a future Apple TV accessory or an Apple TV iDevice for those on the go; A nice spin-off product if you will,” Purcher reports. “Coincidentally news surfaced late yesterday from KGI securities analyst Ming Chi Kuo is claiming that Apple will revamp their Apple TV device later this fall.”

Purcher writes, “It would be very cool timing if the Apple TV accessory would be ready at that time to create some major buzz in the industry. However, it’s unclear if Apple is really committed to such an iDevice or accessory. It would be great for gaming and to get ahead of Oculus. But for now it’s just an open question mark.”

Read more, and see Apple’s patent application illustrations, in the full article here.


  1. A very cool feature for AppleTV would be to build in the ability to add wireless headsets, working on Bluetooth or WiFi, to counter Amazon FireTV’s plug-in headset. I currently have TV Ears, which are OK but work on infrared and thus get staticky when something gets in the line of sight, and they’re not overly comfortable.

  2. Apple should let Oculus break the market for this kind of gaming device and then have Apple waltz in with a killer alternative. Apple had the lead on paper. Too bad they didn’t develop it faster.

    1. I see none such rubbish. But I am maxed out with tools to break the chain of net surveillance. I’m working on an article series on the subject. Google’s gonna hate me as I’ll be posting it in a couple places, one of which will be Blogger. Heehee.

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