Apple now notifying users when Maps errors are fixed

“Apple seems to be testing a new notification feature in its Maps application, based on a report and screenshots captured by a MacRumors reader,” Richard Padilla reports for MacRumors.

“The user reported an error to Apple in the Maps app on April 6 and was given an option to receive a notification when the issue was resolved, with Apple sending a push notification on April 8 indicating the problem had been fixed,” Padilla reports. “It appears that the feature is still in testing at this point and it is unclear when it might be made available to all users.”

Padilla reports, “While Apple has allowed users to report errors since Maps first debuted in September of 2012, the company has not previously provided notifications that let users know when a problem has been fixed.”

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  1. For a long time they had the airport in San Martin as San Maria. Fixed now but I never heard from them about my repeated input. Google maps had the same error. Now both call it San Martin airport but the real name is South County airport. But at least they both have it in the correct town.

    1. And labelled as Santa Maria Airport for a while. Granted, local pilots use “San Martin” and “South County” about equally.

      I figure on continuing to bug them about labeling it E16, which is the other identifier on the sectional, at least inside parentheses…

  2. It is practically impossible and non-value-added for Apple to inform absolutely everyone that their suggestion has been implemented, especially since Apple (like all companies) likely receives significant amounts of useless hate mail with misdirections and inappropriate demands.

    I just wish Apple would get turn-by-turn directions right. It is slow to the point of being unusable and unsafe in busy traffic. A driver needs to know when to switch lanes BEFORE the turn, not after it.

    One would think that Apple would have enough money to hire more people to get the job done.

    1. I get replies from Google Maps about corrections all the time, usually in a few weeks. I’m pretty sure the emails are automated, so they go out when a report is marked as corrected by someone in the Maps department. Apple can sure do the same.

  3. i just checked apple maps, have to say many thing have been corrected in my area, but still mistakes and i just reported 9 errors, a big improvement from before but still a long way to go. I did not get any notifications, and i reported many errors that were ignored for a long time

  4. Time after time after time after time I have sent reports.
    Never once has one of them being fixed.
    I gave up for that plus another reason.
    My wife and I traveled to a museum last month. In Google maps the building was broken out by floor, with the exhibit rooms all detailed!!
    Apple Maps? It shows up as a little icon.
    I checked many other locations. Same result.

  5. Seriously Apple is losing their stuff so to speak when it comes to my neighborhood, and responsiveness to customer’s input, (as in me having filed close to ten reports to them telling them that a collection of restaurants the show to be here in my residential neighborhood are miles from here) as in zero.
    It is mildly annoying, and does not reflect well on their maps effort.

  6. Here’s a fun one:

    Search for the LA zoo on maps and you will see that Maps thinks it’s in the middle of the LA River, literally.

    I reported this 3 times in the past year and they still haven’t fixed it.

    I love my iphone but come on apple!

    Why let us submit maps problems if they are just going to be ignored?

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