Apple’s next big announcements coming in June

“Barring a surprise, the next big round of Apple announcements are coming June 2,” CNN reports.

“The company has announced the dates for its next World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC), an annual event where Apple gives the press and developers a peek at its latest projects,” CNN reports. “Because it’s a conference for application developers, the big unveilings tend to focus on operating systems and software, so don’t bet on any major iPhone or iPad announcements. Desktop and laptop lines may get a refresh at the event, however.”

CNN reports, “This year Apple will likely preview iOS 8, the updated operating system for iPhones and iPads. One rumored new feature is Healthbook, a hub for health and fitness apps that take advantage of all the sensors packed into the mobile devices. There’s also good chance we’ll get an update to OS X, following up Mavericks with a new Mac operating system, 10.10. Apple could also update the MacBook, iMac and MacBook Air with new, faster processors. The MacBook Air might finally get ‘Retina display’ …The long rumored iWatch could also make its debut at this event, although that seems unlikely.”

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        l­­­­ook a­­­­t th­­­­is s­­­­ite……..

  1. Let’s just hope there’s more to iOS 8 than another useless (to many, not to all) built in to clutter the home screen leaving users to have to hide them in a folder because of course you can’t get rid of built in apps you don’t want or need. Let’s hope there’s more than a new app and a couple app updates that could have easily been updated in normal point releases (maps and Siri). I hope there’s a lot more thought to usability and extra ability under the good this year and a lot more options for customers to chose options that best for their own workflow and usage need like a choice of keyboards or a choice of which apps to make default for different file/event types.

        1. Oh, so bigger, but not very much bigger. Got it.

          BTW, I’m pretty sure those front pockets aren’t big enough to hold the average car key fob, let alone an iPad mini or even a larger iPod touch for that matter.

  2. Given how they’re using the same crappy skinny font for WWDC 2014, I am not holding out any hope that Cook & Ive have woken up from their nightmare of non usability. I think these idiots are driven by egotism more than what customers want now. In consequence, losing the soul of Apple is of little import to them.

    1. Your first mistake is assuming what you want is the same as “what customers want”. It’s clear that most people don’t agree with your position, actually like the look and feel of iOS 7. This idea of a “nightmare of non-usability” is complete and utter horse crap. Since you’re a ranch hand, I’m sure you’re familiar with the term.

      More to the point, it’s pretty clear by now that the new look isn’t going anywhere, so you can either accept the change, or move on to a different platform. Either way, it’s been almost half a year since iOS 7 was released. For the love of God, stop whining about it.

    2. You do realize that no matter what would be done, SOMEBODY isn’t going to like it. It is utterly impossible to please everyone. With iOS 7, it’s you a and a few others. Please – suck it up and move on.

    1. I was thinking exactly the same thing. All CNN did was state the obvious. It’s the WWDC, so of course there will be an announcement.

      Then the “barring a surprise” is to cover themselves in case something comes sooner.

  3. I know what I would like to see after last week when my internet went down for many vital hours. If as many people claim that we won’t have Airdrop between iOS and Mac OS generally, then why the hell can’t we have it at the very least between a file utility/depositary on iOS and the Mac so that I could have drawn the files I needed to email, onto the iPad and move the 20 yards or so I needed to go to pick up a wifi hotspot and send it that way. Little things like that can make such a difference to usability.

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