WWDC 2014: Apple’s return to glory?

“Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) begins June 2 in San Francisco; the company says — will the event mark a return to industry leadership?” Jonny Evans wonders for Computerworld.

“In a sense, the event has to deliver, partly to fight back against months of twisted narrative across certain sections of the media; partly to regain momentum lost in the face of increasingly imitative competition,” Evans writes. “You shouldn’t expect too much in terms of product, of course: Apple’s main focus will be future OS X and iOS improvements and developer-focused business opportunities.”

“The focus on developers is plain,” Evans writes. “What else might we see? A little speculation to get the ball rolling: iBeacons; Payments; iPhone in Car; Apple TV [SDK]… Whatever actually transpires, Apple’s partners, fans and competitors will definitely be looking to WWDC 2014, hoping for inspiration, education, and a sense of future intent.”

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Apple’s WWDC 2014 runs June 2-5, registration for random ticket selection now live – April 3, 2014


  1. I found this paragraph quite humorous. I also find it total BS.
    The competition IS waiting to copy AAPL.

    The competition isn’t sitting on its hands, waiting for Apple to do something. Facebook is investing in virtual reality headsets, and Amazon is looking into delivery drones. At the TED2014 conference, Google CEO Larry Page talked about self-driving cars and curing disease.

      1. I totally agree, Google and the others are all talk.

        You take something like driverless cars, even if the technology existed and was perfect it could take hundreds of years before it’s accepted worldwide – and that’s not even considering authorisation by governments, the insurance companies will have to innovate as well – aint gonna happen in my lifetime.

        And curing the worlds ‘disc eases’. well that pipe dream aint ever gonna happen, as soon as humanity cures a disease nature brings out another one – its called the balance of nature.

    1. and talk is cheap .None of them actually have any of this. So they are no more innovative then Apple . When they have it in use then thats another story . Some women are looking for fur coats. Its doesn’t mean them have them

    2. Not sure if you are taken in by such silver suited future fluff or you are being ironic. I hope it’s the latter for I would have strong concerns for your sanity if you believe any of those laughable claims coming to fruition any time soon.

    1. That’s what I asked too! This Johnny Evans guy seems to go back and forth between appearing to be a big Apple fan, and a big purveyor of Apple FUD. The fact that Apple’s competitors go out of their way to compare themselves to Apple, and in the case of Samsung, insult Apple’s customers, is proof that Apple is still the leader.

      1. Hello

        I think the fact I took pains to say:

        ” partly to fight back against months of twisted narrative across certain sections of the media; partly to regain momentum lost in the face of increasingly imitative competition.”

        Pretty much says where I stand on things.

      1. You know, a simple ” I don’t agree and here’s why…” would be great wouldn’t it?
        Here’s how that looks:
        Dear Mr. J, I can’t agree that Apple has lost any leadership. The only thing they don’t (won’t) fight is a media that continually reads them wrong and a culture of “we want it all NOW”.
        The iPhone 6 will be announced in September and not before it is ready. The 12″ iPad HAS NOT been delayed or shelved or anything of the sort, the 12″ iPad never existed. Apple has lost no momentum if you look at its history – the gap between versions of hard/software.
        In truth, saying you are above the “months of twisted narrative across certain sections of the media” is a little illogical – you are a part of the media and are engaged in narrative twisting in this very article!!
        I respect your opinion however. Our mutual desire is to see Apple succeed even though I disagree with the current definition of success.

    2. When iOS7 was released at the direct expense of OS X improvement; when Apple started dumbing down its software, when delivery dates became missed more often than achieved, when Apple completely lost focus on Retail, when Cook gave business users the cold shoulder for professional products and services, and when Apple stopped even trying to be the clear leader in emerging to product categories: smart watches, Apple TV SDK, or new set-top boxes, 4K displays, >4″ screen phones, SDK for and so forth.

      Apple isn’t the underdog, but it is also exposed to increasingly strong competition. Don’t let Apple’s current cash position — a result largely stemming from the cut Apple takes from iOS app developers — cloud the fact that the last ~3 years have seen only two dramatic product releases from Apple: the iPhone 5S and the Mac Pro. Neither have stemmed the tide of competition from taking majority market share and, yes, soon profit share too. Apple DOES have a lot of catching up to do in new product releases and especially in software development, which has been nothing short of shoddy in the past 5 years.

  2. Amazon will never ever be flying a drone for delivery ever, and Facebook will never have something using VR.. Google blathers every day and all you get is a mediocre beta… They are just sitting back waiting for Apple to show them how to do something or add some useless feature to an existing Apple product to call it different.

  3. If we get what we’ve been getting from these annual non-events, look for more and more calls for a new CEO- way overdue and maybe this is his final hurrah. Keep raising expectations with all the speculation that will build and build until Tim walks onto the stage with the left over whoops and hollers of yesteryear and stand amazed at the hype over so little actual delivery and maybe, just maybe, we won’t see him there again. iCal this.

  4. Traditionally, Mac heads look at the graphics for the dub dub dee cee to extrapolate any clues about new software tech.

    I’m thinking resolution independence … has Apple fianally cracked it, it would be an awesome benefit to create various sized iPhone/iPad screens.

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