A spoiled generation of tech observers yearn for Apple innovations on-demand

“It’s a funny thing; the more technology advances, the more impatient people become in anticipation of even newer and greater innovations,” Yoni Heisler writes for TUAW. “The result is an abundance of analysts, bloggers, and pundits who may very well be the crappiest generation of tech observers we’ve seen to date.”

“Of course, I’m borrowing some phrasing ingeniously employed by comedian Louis CK who, while appearing on an episode of Conan, explained in hilarious detail why so many of us are unappreciative dopes when it comes to technology,” Heisler writes. “When it comes to the folks that cover Apple, this dynamic is for whatever reason amplified.”

“The ‘what have you done for me lately’ attitude is pervasive amongst talking heads who seemingly employ a running counter that precisely measures the last time Apple released a game changing product,” Heisler writes. “It goes without saying that other tech companies are free from this burden.”

Heisler writes, “If Apple waits until late 2014 to announce something new and exciting, I won’t fret about it. And neither should you.”

Much more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


    1. Oh my god, Can’t stop laughing. “New York to California if 5 hours – That used to take 30 years. And, a bunch of you would die and have a baby on the way – you’d be a whole different group of people by the time you got there!”

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        2. Ox driven wagon caravan, my friend. Would love to take the stream train, but they haven’t finished laying tracks all the way to California, and I got to go there while there’s still gold left for prospecting. Hope I don’t get the dysentery on route!

  1. We need to send this spoiled generation back to the 90s, and teach them a thing or two about appreciating what ya got. Replace that iPhone with an Apple Newton. Replace the Apple TV with Apple Pippin. And replace Justin Bieber with Michael Jackson’s “Dangerous” era. Why my high school years sucked, the 90s made me who I am, and you can’t get that out of these, royally spoiled, Millenials. Ugh, even the name sucks!

    1. Please stop blaming your past for who you are. That was just a starting place in your life. Where you go from there is up to you. Make different choices and you will get different results. Your past does not dictate your future.

      1. That being said, it really does amount to a test to deal with the millennials, who seem to have absorbed strange and different values, as if they had arrived and the rest of us would advisedly step aside. If I saw more merit I would have done so.

        1. As we age and perfect our own paradigms, we need to keep in mind that the next generation can see farther because they stand on our shoulders. We helped put them in that millennial point of view and their experiments and conclusions will yield new insights and value. Some of those values will not endure because they have little value and yet others will propel humanity to greater achievements. We, the older generation, need to step aside sometimes and encourage the virtues we all strive for.

    2. So you messed up in high school, and are now trying to deal with your lot in life, and yet you blame your mistakes on the current generation? You sound pretty entitled yourself. Instead on complaining about mistakes you made 20 years ago, why not improve your life for the better? I was diagnosed with Aspergers and ADHD, and I still managed to Persue my dreams of becoming a Cartoonist! If you put your mind to it, anything can happen!

  2. The headline is perfect, without reading the article. I’ve tried to find the words to say this for so long. Not only are the spoiled, they take absolutely no time to look at the history of the most successful aspects of the company, and they think every dumb-button, spinning wheel, and buzz is innovation on Samsung. If Google goes out and buys talking toilets tomorrow, Bloomberg will be nothing but commentary about Apple fading into irrelevance.

    1. There was a comedian (I forget who) who called it the “Nerf Generation”. We have protected these kids from all sorts of real life situations with foam padding, whether real or metaphorical, that they just don’t have a grasp of how life actually is. They have grown up expecting the world to act a certain way, and when it doesn’t, they demand it does. “There should be no consequence to this action or that”. Anything more than instant gratification is considered a waste and not worth the attention. Ooooooh! Something shiny! My friends gave this 5 “likes”, it must be good!

      They are lost in a world where their entire world has been thought out for them, thus critical thought is not needed on their part.

      Take off the foam padding and let them see the world as it is, only protecting them from the really bad things in life. Failure is a great teacher, and a teacher we are depriving this generation from.

      Ah, now get off my lawn!

      Ps – I am only 33 😉

  3. A good way to shut them up is ask them how often XYZ companies have game changing hits that earns tons of money.

    Many companies might only have 1 or 2 in decades.

  4. Apple innovation died the moment Steve Jobs was interred six feet under. There’s no innovation left at Apple, except what comes out of the head of a second rate CEO.

    What Tim and the rest of the second rate CEOs do best is copy the competition, like Samsung copied Apple when Steve was alive. Now that Steve is dead, Apple is turning the tables on its competitors and copying all and sundry for ideas, like the flat iOS 7 icon that was copied off Android and WP8.

    Useless bunch of layabouts over at Apple HQ with nary an original idea between them. True sheep of the universe.

    1. So as such an anti innovation apple moron, when they announce their next innovation (which I add will be a real shippable and buyable product, not some fud or pipe dream like Gargle) you are obliged NOT to buy it.

      If you do then you are a hypocrite to yourself and your beliefs.

      I was looking at the Nike fuel band yesterday thinking I might buy one but if apple announces their wearable tech this year then Im defo getting it.

      1. They also weren’t the first to make an MP3 player.
        Or cellphone.
        Or PDA.
        Or laptop.
        Or desktop.

        Being first usually means that you’ve collected the most arrows in your chest.


    2. Every day I start my day with a hot cup of coffee, read my mail, and peruse my favourite sites, while creating, developing, supporting, troubleshooting and everything else needed to satisfy my students, clients, family and self.

      Sometime during the day, I am interrupted by a need to eliminate the crap I accumulate from the day before. It’s not the most beautiful site to see, hear or smell.

      However, I feel content after my egestion, and by the time I flush, wash and dry my hands, there is little evidence to cloud the minds of those around me. Unlike the crap that you spews from your head continuously, where only a lobotomy would suffice.

    3. You aren’t American, that’s for sure and with a name like Ranch hand, I suspect you’re the goat simulator attempting to present a united front against Apple.

      Has an American ever used the word “layabout”?

      You talk up a storm, like all the other cowardly anonymous posters at MDN, but come WWDC where Apple sets the bar even higher, you’ll change your name and blend. Take up a new name and start trashing Apple all over again.

      Ranch hand: someone who dips their chip and fingers into the dip.

    4. “Apple innovation died the moment Steve Jobs was interred six feet under.”

      Steve Jobs never used the new Mac Pro, nor did he use iPhone 5S.

      Steve Jobs didn’t experience the 64-bit Desktop class A7 chip either, that was developed on Tim Cook’s watch.

      Steve Jobs never used TouchID, Apple’s biometric scanner to unlock his iPhone, it didn’t exist until 64-bit shipped.

      All phone makers are now scrambling to incorporate 64-bit computing. Google will need another 18-months before they can copy Apple’s innovations.

  5. People demanding an accelerating rate of product announcements simply do not understand technology nor Apple.

    Apple has always taken time to get things as right as they possibly can before releasing a new product. There are no short cuts available in that process, it takes as long as it takes.

    Other companies will release new products on a much shorter time scale, but they are not groundbreaking products and neither do they worry about whether the product is a quality product – good enough will suffice.

    Anybody who calls themselves an analyst and imagines that Apple will stop patiently working to get things right before releasing them has no analytical ability. Apple have been working this way since they started and they always will do. If they haven’t learned from well over 30 years of previous examples, then they never will learn.

    1. Totally agree.

      They think that all a company has to do is wave a magic wand and whoosh they have an innovative new product!

      These people need to wake up to the real world. It takes years to develop a product not days, weeks or months.

      Unfortunately this is the mentality of the new generation, they expect instant gratification and don’t have a realistic brain cell in their heads.

      Wake up!

  6. My father always said; “having lots of tools doesn’t make you a carpenter.”

    Tacking on features just to keep a running tally, means nothing…ensuring they all work flawlessly together helps you create something beautiful!

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