PC Magazine reviews Microsoft OneNote for Mac: Useful, but on the light side

“Microsoft’s innovative OneNote note-taking and organization software appeared in 2003, only to be overshadowed by the largely identical Evernote five years after its arrival,” Michael Muchmore writes for PC Magazine. “It’s also progressed from being part of a paid software suite to a completely free standalone app, though the OneNote app that’s part of Office is by far the most powerful of its several incarnations. OneNote (free) has branched out to many new platforms, including iOS, Android, Web, Windows Phone, and Windows 8. OneNote for Mac OS X (free) is the most recent addition, and it’s the version I review here.”

“Microsoft’s first foray into providing a free Mac version of its incredibly useful and flexible synced note-taking app is decidedly on the light side. It’s still useful, with commendable collaboration and search capabilities… it’s a light, mobile-style note-taking-and-syncing app rather than the powerful desktop application available as part of Microsoft Office,” Muchmore writes. “As with most installed applications, it’s more responsive than the Web app, too. But OneNote for Mac offers only a glimpse of what’s possible with the Windows version. I hope Microsoft beefs up its capabilities, and soon.”

Read more in the full review here.

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  1. If we had a nuclear war and everything beautiful and holy were destroyed, you know what would emerge from the primordial slime? Microsoft OneNote and iOS 7.

    So ugly that one celled creatures would reject them.

  2. iOS 7 was designed by a blind man who couldn’t see, finished off by a deaf man who couldn’t hear, and approved by a dumb man who couldn’t speak.

    Pure camel dung, and like camel dung the only use that can be made of it is as fuel for a bonfire. The bonfire of the vanities. Like Ive and most things British, pure unadulterated junk.

  3. I heard things are so bad in Britain right now that Scotland wants to leave. All I can say to that is Scotland is welcome to join Russia any time. The British are worse than scum.

    1. OMG off topic. And significantly incorrect. Scotland (my family’s homeland) has wanted freedom from the UK for CENTURIES!. If they go their own way, it will be just another step, of many, into independence. I wish them well. As in, I wish them real democracy, as opposed to the surveillance and corporate states into which the UK and the USA have decayed. I’d enjoy an excuse to move there, the way things are devolving. 😀

  4. I keep hoping MS will grow up and throw off the ‘Master Of The World!’ psychopathy. At last, offering up software for various platforms, not just their Surface dreck hardware, is a good step into maturity. Maybe they have something useful to offer Apple users. It could happen! 😉

  5. I was looking for something like this for a while. I am using MagicalPad kind of similar to OneNote, MagicalPad has some unique features that makes it better for me. mind mapping and task management are more robust. Check out MagicalPad on the mac app store.

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