Ihnatko: Office for iPad a boon for compatibility with business, but costs $100 a year forever

“iWork for iOS is free. The Office apps that Microsoft released for iOS on Thursday are free, technically, but they’re ‘free’ in a way that’s worse than ‘paid,'” Andy Ihnatko writes for The Chicago Sun-Times. “Because if you want to do something as radical as create and edit documents, as opposed to simply opening and reading them, you can’t just fork over a one-time fee and be done with it. You’ll need a monthly subscription to Office 365.”

“But that’s $99.99 a year, or 10 bucks a month, forever,” Ihnatko writes. “So given the presence of powerful, Apple-engineered free alternatives, what’s the point of these apps at all? …Using iWork in Office environment always involves steps, and crossed fingers, and much more effort than would be required if you just stayed inside the Office tent to begin with. I only just got hold of the new Office apps but my first impressions are highly positive.”

“If your interactions with the Microsoft Office world are limited to just an occasional file import and export, iWork wins this debate on price alone,” Ihnatko writes. “But if your business uses Office, it’s an obvious win for Office. It’s a no-brainer upgrade. I can open a Word document on my cloud storage, I can save a Word document on my cloud storage, I can open it again from a Mac or PC attached to that same storage. No need to share links, make conversions, or worry that the editor to whom I hand off this book chapter can’t see my changes.”

Read more in the full review here.

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  1. The thing is productivity is a mature area. I know plenty of people and businesses very happy using Office 2003. That works out to about $13 a year and getting cheaper all the time.

  2. The only people excited about Office on iPad are those who already have an Office 365 subscription. The rest of us don’t care and aren’t going to get a subscription because there are plenty of Office alternatives for iPad, including iWork.

  3. why the fcuk can’t microsoft sell the office app as a one of fee instead of going the fremium model? Apple gives its word processing pages and numbers free

  4. I like seeing office on the iPad, but I think people are stupid buying into this crap that Adobe and Microsoft are doing. This subscription stuff is for the birds! I’d rather pay per version like its always been instead of a subscription!

    1. F*** Inatko is right. He publicly dumps iOS last year for Android, and now he reaches for the same audience he blew off then. Better to read used toilet paper than his reviews. notLOL

    2. Plus it’s a bit odd he uses his iPad but awhile back but told us he suddenly changed to a Droid for his phone. Wonder how that syncing is working for him.

  5. Everybody is falling all over themselves sucking up to the MSslut, gloating over being able to sync from PC to cloud to tablet. Well, Apple did that with iCloud, iWork sync already. Except the slut wants to collect your mo-nay for the privilege. No thanks Microslut, now or never. Burn in Hell.

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