Amazon sends invites for April 2 event; set-top expected

“Amazon’s entry into the set top box world, which has been delayed for months, is coming next week, according to people familiar with the company’s plans,” Peter Kafka reports for Re/code.

“The e-commerce giant has invited reporters to gather for an ‘update on our video business’ in New York next Wednesday, April 2,” Kafka reports. “Amazon’s device will compete with offerings from Apple, which has sold 13 million units of its Apple TV box, Roku, which has sold 8 million units, and Google, which has said it has sold ‘millions’ of its Chromecast sticks.”

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  1. The next Apple TV better kick some serious ass. It still feels like they don’t take it too seriously. There’s so much potential for more and if Apple doesn’t realize it then their competitors certainly will.

    1. I like my Apple TVs but the ultra modern beautiful remote is a real pain in the ass. Truly an example of style over function. I have taken to using iPad and wireless keyboard. Other than that the only complaint, and it may not be Apple’s fault, is no Amazon Prime movies. I have to use my smart TV for Amazon Prime. How come?

      1. “I have to use my smart TV for Amazon Prime. How come?”

        Not sure, I used my iPad to AirPlay it to my AppleTV. But only if it’s not available on iTunes or Netflix. Amazon Prime is a mess to use.

  2. Chromecast is not the only google product. There are tons of android set top boxes out there form tronsmart and minix and others.
    If amazons box is good and let’s me run Xbmc is be happy. Since atv3 can’t be jailbroken to run Xbmc.

  3. Apple needs to step it up allow apps in the Apple TV play games using an iPad or iPhone as a controller. If I could use an Apple TV for retro gaming and new games and then install Xbmc.

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