Will Apple and Comcast change the future of TV?

“On Sunday, the Wall Street Journal published a story that said Apple was talking to Comcast about creating a new way to store and stream TV programs and digital recordings that would bypass the congestion on the Internet,” Diana Primavera writes for ETF Daily News.

“This would ensure higher quality service without buffering or other annoyances,” Primavera writes. “The service would use Apple set-top boxes, Comcast cable, and storage in the cloud.The next day, AAPL and CMCSA both got a slight boost in their share prices, while Netflix, which has a lot to lose if an Apple-Comcast deal went through, dropped by 6.6%.”

Primavera writes, “If you would like to invest in Apple while also getting magnified exposure to the technology sector as a whole, consider ROM, an alternative ETF that seeks to double the daily return of the Dow Jones U.S. Technology Index. AAPL currently comprises 16.14% of the fund’s holdings.”

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