Android Wear: Google fires first shot in hardware war against Apple

“In 2012, former iPad engineer Patrick Gibson floated a controversial theory: Google is getting better at what Apple does faster than Apple is getting better at what Google does, and that’s a problem for Apple,” Shane Cole writes for AppleInsider.

“Google’s software prowess has never been in question. They’ve bolstered an already technically formidable hardware team by bringing in a host of ex-Apple employees with the Nest Labs acquisition, including former iPod chief Tony Fadell, and held on to Motorola’s advanced research division when flipping the handset maker to Lenovo,” Cole writes. “Now, with the smart watch-focused Android Wear in tow, Google is set to put that theory to the test.”

“Consumers won’t be snapping photos, playing tiny games of Angry Birds, or surreptitiously browsing Reddit on an Android Wear-powered smart watch. Google tells developers in no uncertain terms that they mean for these devices to augment the world around them, not become the focal point,” Cole writes. “Presuming the iWatch project is real, and the preponderance of evidence suggests that it is, it will mark the first time Apple has entered a market with such significant opposition. Nokia and Motorola couldn’t compete with Apple’s design chops and vertical integration, but Google and their manufacturing partners can match Apple blow-for-blow.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Jax44” for the heads up.]


  1. Yeah, right…

    Again, just like all of Google’s great products that are available for consumers that are in never-ending Betas, until Apple leads the way, maybe after consumers are fed up with inferior design and implementation.

    Go for it Google show us what you’ve got!

  2. Google and their manufacturer partners can match Apple blow-for-blow? Really?

    Google and their partners are still running around like headless chickens trying to match Apple’s a 64-bit mobile platform.. and pouring more and more “Butter” trying to match Apple’s slick interface.

  3. I respect AppleInsider, but …

    To avoid any sarcasm, I’ll just say, Apple has built fierce loyalty with dependability. Android has built up a mish-mash of un-updatable, non-updated, non-cohesive Android devices.

    So is Apple or Google smarter?

  4. Google is getting better at being like Samsung. Putting crap out on the market that doesn’t work, is malware, spyware, DNS attack prone. There TV is a flop, there Google Glass is a flop and nobody wants them using it in public. There Android OS is an open disaster with viruses, spyware, malware, DNS attacks, and no upgrade path in most cases which is why only 8% has the latest Android OS on it. So just what are they getting better at than Apple?

  5. Google’s software prowess??? Puh-lease!

    Have you ever tried to navigate the labyrinth that is Google Apps inside a web browser. It’s a web alright.

  6. “…[this] will mark the first time Apple has entered a market with such significant opposition.”

    Seriously? It seems to me that there was “significant opposition” when Apple debuted the iPod, and then again when they entered (née redefined) the smart phone world with the iPhone.

    And look how that turned out… 😉

    1. …and let’s add the iPad to that list. After all, by MS’s own admission, they led the way in the tablet space with their unforgettable…err, what was it called? OK, it was a total flop, and a typical piece of MS crap, but Geoff Ballocks was REALLY proud of it.

      Heh heh!

    2. I just had a thought.

      The iWatch (or whatever it’s called, if it exists) … will it communicate exclusively with iPhones? Or will it be able to work with Android, Windows, and Blackberry devices?

      What really exploded the iPod’s popularity was opening up iTunes (and therefore the iPod) to Windows, right? So if Apple produces a smart watch that can link to ALL other platforms … Apple could make a mint off of people who love Apple accessories (see: iPod) even if they don’t like the iPhone.

      Again, just a thought that occurred to me. Probably nowhere near being an original thought. Probably not even a good thought. But it’s something your post regarding the iPod reminded me of.

      1. I don’t see Apple doing anything to open iOS up to Android. Apple will use the iWatch to draw Android users into the iOS fold instead of making hardware available to Android users.

        1. I’m not saying “open it up to Android.” I’m saying … well, look at it this way. The iPhone is capable of communicating with accessories that run Android, right? Why not make it so the iWatch can communicate enough with Android that someone who wants to spend a few hundred on the accessory, but has qualms with iPhones, isn’t locked out.

          That way, the iWatch can push the “halo effect” that turned the iPod into a way to move Macs and iPhones, and the iPhone into a way to move all Apple products.

          1. A few reasons:

            1. The difficulty of making the accessory compatible with the huge boatload of incompatible versions of the Android family.

            2. Because the halo effect would be tainted, often dramatically. The interface can only work as well as the Androcrap that it’s talking to… and how well that works is very variable, from what I understand.

            3. People can already get a free iPhone with a contract. I think those who aren’t already taking advantage of that are not likely to put out the dollars for an iWatch… at least not in numbers that matter.

  7. This 2014 (new Apple device) timeframe is no different than the pre iPhone release in 2007. Only Apple “REALLY KNOWS”. Look @ Gaggle’s smartphone pre iPhone release and post iPhone release 2007. No different today (2014) with new unreleased Apple product. Did it ever occur to any of the naysayers and ANALists, that Apple may have “intentionally” delayed their product release? Apple knows it is the innovative tech leader & all others haven’t got a Fckin clue as how to create desirable products without directly infringing on Apples patented IP. It is a pathetically sad situation for Apple, knowing that whatever they release, will immediately be copied and all hard earned IP will also be stolen and replicated with no support from the corrupted US government. Welcome to Asiamerica the land of corrupt. May ALL those who support SamGaggle burn & rot in Hell.

    1. I’ve long thought that the iwatch was a ruse by apple to misdirect competitors/attempt to track leaks of upcoming products. I have no doubt that they are exploring wearable tech. but apple always bases designs on the question “what problem does this solve?”. I don’t see how watches solve any problems. that said, I’m frequently wrong. it’s kinda my trademark. 😉

  8. ““Presuming the iWatch project is real, and the preponderance of evidence suggests that it is, it will mark the first time Apple has entered a market with such significant opposition. ”

    That’s what Blackberry said
    and Nokia
    and ….

  9. Y’ gotta know… everyone here, except for a couple of other iOS 7 haters, thinks your post is blazingly dumb. Doubly offensive because it isn’t talking about the article.

    You are here…. why, exactly?

    If for your own amusement, it is very sad and pathetic that posting this is how you attempt to have fun.

    If you are a paid troll… well that is mind-bogglingly pathetic in SO many ways.

  10. 1) are we really discussing Google’s Vaporware ?

    2) software prowess? Does FREE = PROWESS? People use google software because it is a free, a reasonable facsimile of expensive paid software. The Google GUI is awful. As for their “PAID” software, I have a hard time navigating paid Google Apps due to the ever shifting user interface, and I have done hours of training. (am looking more and more at hosted OpenXChange instead of Google Apps, because it is easier to support)

    3) If I had to buy a watch from a company that wanted to RENT ME THE TIME like they owned in exchange for selling my user data to the highest bidder, I am not sure I’d want that business model on my wrist or on my face all day.

    1. make no mistake, googles software is anything but “free”. I will concede that it may not have a fiscal cost to the user (at least on the front end), but you are trading your privacy for it’s use. that’s not free, that’s big brother…

  11. “it will mark the first time Apple has entered a market with such significant opposition”


    were all markets with significant opposition for which Apple entered anyway and look who prevailed. In each of those categories we heard talk ad nauseam about the opposition’s “killer” products that would destroy Apple’s “silly toys”, from some of the most respected sources in the industry and all of them were wrong!

    Those who fail to learn the lessons of history, are doomed to relive those failures.

  12. um, iOS 7 *IS* a major redesign… I don’t understand how you can claim a redesign is necessary when a redesign just happened. I think that what’s going on for you is the redesign represents change, and change can be scary. any said change will have a learning curve. what, specifically, would you redesign about iOS 7? it’s easy to be an armchair quarterback on Monday morning. so where is your design? are you capable of redoing an os from the ground up? yes, iOS 7 is different, and things that used to happen one way now happen another. but the reality is, no functionality was lost, and numerous (albeit sometimes subtle) improvements have been made.

    please, send me the link to your design of iOS. I’d love to see it.

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