Without an iWatch, Apple’s Healthbook app is rather boring

“Mark Gurman over at 9to5Mac scored a mega-scoop earlier this week when he posted screenshots of Apple’s rumored Healthbook app,” Yoni Heisler writes for Network World. “Healthbook appears to be positioned as a one-stop shop for all of a user’s health and fitness needs. Indeed, Re/Code on Wednesday published an extensive post detailing how Apple will leverage Healthbook to assert itself as a new platform for digital health.”

“That’s all well and good, but often glossed over amid the speculation surrounding Gurman’s remarkable scoop is a serious discussion regarding where all of the data in the Healthbook app will come from,” Heisler writes. “To this end, there are two likely scenarios to consider. One, Healthbook could draw upon information gleaned from a wearable device produced by Apple, such as an iWatch. Or two, Healthbook will aggregate health information from a variety of third-party apps and devices. If it’s the latter, Healthbook will be far from exciting.”

“If Apple positions Healthbook as a unifying interface for products capable of measuring health vitals, I fail to see how this is a compelling feature in the slightest. What’s revolutionary, let alone interesting, about introducing an app that only provides utility via costly third-party purchases? Even if we factor in Apple’s M7 motion co-processor, that still leaves lots of data left to be supplied by third parties,” Heisler writes. “I believe that for Healthbook to truly be compelling, Apple will have to pair it with a wearable device of some sort.”

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    1. haha… cute… maybe the “health app” will be part of iWatch/iRing maybe it won’t… But seriously, what kind of douche bag writes his opinion about a product that doesn’t even exist (yet?)

  1. What may probably happen is a series of devices wearable and not that will contribute to the Healthbook app data. Depending on the variety of devices one has access to will determine how fully the Healthbook App’s functions can be utilized.

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