So, Microsoft needs Apple users, but do Apple users need Microsoft?

“So the news came this week that Microsoft’s stock has ticked up,” Gene Steinberg writes for The Tech Night Owl. “According to the rumor mill, Nadella will use his first major press meeting to announce the impending arrival of Office for the iPad.Microsoft has been hoping and dreaming that customers will be lining up to buy Surface tablets, and similar gear from other PC OEMs, because they alone offer a full Office suite on a mobile platform. But people aren’t lining up. It doesn’t seem that having Office has helped sell a Surface, nor has the lack of Office hurt sales of the iPad.”

“Indeed, iPad users have choices. Number one with a bullet is Apple’s own iWork suite, which is free with the purchase of a new Mac, iPad or iPhone, and updates are free with existing gear if you own the previous version. Microsoft may find it advantageous to make OneNote free, but making Office free for iOS would put a stake in the heart of a huge potential income stream,” Steinberg writes. “and that’s nothing to sneeze at. Despite the alternatives, there is still a hefty customer base of Office users, and if Microsoft does a decent job at delivering the iPad version, and keeps it affordable — though it’ll probably require an Office 365 subscription — it could chalk up high sales.”

Steinberg writes, “Sure, I suppose it is possible that time has really passed Microsoft by. If they cannot succeed with an iPad version of Office, it would indeed raise question marks about the company’s ongoing strategy, such as it is.”

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MacDailyNews Take: No, we don’t need Microsoft or their shiteous bloatware shackled to endless subscriptions.

Buh-bye, Borg.

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  1. MS needs to accept that where Office works and where it is likely to continue to work is in corporate america.

    Chasing the iPad, phones and other tablets is a waste of resources cause Office is not needed in these areas.

    1. We’ll get endless 1 star ratings but I agree. I have Numbers but its not as nice to use as Excel. Numbers is not better or even as good as excel so its not going to replace it in 99% of business that use Excel.
      In years to come Office will be the #1 product for MS as windows dies a very slow death.

      1. The uses I have seen involving Excel can be easily accomplished with a custom database. A huge benefitt is no flat files and you end up with relational data. FileMaker Pro or another DB will do to accomplish the replacement of those stubborn laggards of the old 90’s mindset that plow toward Excel at every opportunity.

      2. The real issue is a spreadsheet app on a tablet. To use one you need a large screen to easily look at it for a long time. A keyboard and mouse/trackpad; there is a lot of data entry in a lot of different areas. A tablet is not designed for this. Tablets are for doing jobs that laptops can’t do, not replace them. For people who’s job requires a hard core, professional spreadsheet Excel on Windows on a desktop is the best tool. Most people don’t have that job. If Microsoft can’t get people to use Excel on a Surface, than why the hell do they think they can on an iPad

  2. The only people I can see buying Office for iPad are people who use their iPads at work, at a company that uses Office for everything. I can’t see anyone buying this unless they’re already heavily invested into Office.


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