Rush Limbaugh offers fixes for iOS 7.1 battery drain, Notification Center bug

Among other things during his radio program, Mac, iPhone, and iPad user Rush Limbaugh recently discussed Apple, iPhone, and iOS 7.1, offering potential fixes for those experiencing rapid battery drain and/or the Notification Center countdown bug with their iOS devices.

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From the live on-air transcript:

There is apparently a lot of irritation out there among iPhone owners who have upgraded to the latest software system, iOS 7.1. Apparently, there are a number of people that are experiencing horrible battery life, very, very bad. They claim that after upgrading to 7.1 from 7.0.6 or whatever they were running, their battery life has really deteriorated rapidly. And I have a fix for you.

Rush Limbaugh, Apple iOS 7.1

It’s not specifically tied to 7.1. I just want to you try this. It worked for me. I cannot claim that it works iPhone system-wide, of course, but this works for me, and I use it on every iOS device I’ve got, iPad, iPhone. ‘Cause I noticed, I moved to one of the guest rooms when my bathroom was being fixed, and I had a different wall charger in there. And I happened to notice driving in to work I’d leave home with the phone charged at one hundred percent, and a half hour later with not even using the phone it’s at 97%, lost 3% in standby. I said, “This is not supposed to happen.” I kept using the phone and I could watch it drain before my very eyes. “This is not right.”

The next morning, same thing happened. Only this time, before I got to work, it was at 97%. So here’s what I did. I shut down the phone and immediately rebooted it, and the battery gauge read 100%. And then it was normal the rest of the day. So this is now a habit for every time I fully charge — well, I never just partially charge it. If I plug it in, I leave it in ’til it’s all the way charged. But I think this would probably work at any point. After I’ve charged it — and you should try this — after I’ve charged it I shut it down immediately, and just reboot it. Shut it down, immediately restart it.

Here’s a way to test to see if this will work for you. If you’re experiencing massive rapid battery loss, charge it up, full charge and start using it. And if in 10 minutes, 15 minutes of very little usage you’re down to 98, 97% on your battery, shut it down, restart it. If after that it reads 100%, then you are experiencing the same little thing I am, and that’ll fix it… It’s very simple. You can run a test. Charge it up and then start using it or us just leave it in standby. Just 10 minutes. Let 10 minutes go by. If your phone drains to 98, 97%, you didn’t do anything, shut it down, restart it. It should read 100%. If it does, then you have stopped whatever was causing the battery drain after charging it, and now it’ll behave normally and you’ll get your normal battery life…

I’ll tease you with another bug in the iPhone. This one’s probably not of any interest to most of you, but it is to me. In the “today” section of the Notification Center, sometimes all the data doesn’t display correctly. Sometimes the next appointment doesn’t show; sometimes what’s on tap tomorrow doesn’t display. If you’re less than an hour away from your next appointment, it should count it down and say whenever your next appointment is.

“It’s in 45 minutes, in 44 minutes…” But sometimes the countdown doesn’t work. If you want to fix that, simply go into the Auto Time Zone setting and turn it off, and everything on the “today” page in your Notification Center will display properly.

Read more in the full transcript here.

Screenshots demoing Limbaugh’s battery fix here.

Screenshots demoing Limbaugh’s Notification Center fix here.


    1. Just because you disagree with someone’so political views does not mean their tech advice is not helpful. I would frown on MDN if they avoided posting this because of who wrote it.

      1. Political views? This guy is a completely disgusting, embarrassing disgrace of a human being! Guilty by association- I lose much, much respect for those who for some reason are unable or unwilling to see that.

        1. So you’re saying that imputing guilt by association is OK?

          So it’s perfectly OK to directly defame and ridicule, without fear of correction, any person who voted for Obama even once, much less twice? After all, all Rush really does is talk; Obama has his magic pen and magic phone.

    2. “Limbaugh’s fix is dipshittery.”

      So, you tried it and it did not work for you?

      True story:

      1) Read Rush advice.

      2) Unplugged iPhone from charger (100%).

      3) Five minutes later battery on 4S (iOS 6) down to 97%.

      4) Rebooted iPhone.

      5) Battery displays 100%. Voila!

      I can only guess your partisan hatred blinded you to solid tech advice. Pity.

      1. Yes, liberals like YOURMOMBLURAY prefer remaining in the dark over the light of day. Of course, they voted for the Bozo Obama who lied about every aspect of Obamacare to get the bill passed. But these same people have no problem with Obama. Who now spends most of his time on vacation avoiding questions about why Obamacare denies treatment to cancer patients.

        1. Since Rush is known to love oxy-cotin and viagra, and is suspected of being a sex-tourist who buggers little boys in the dominican republic, might I suggest that you procure a few pills and head on down to Florida.

          Perhaps if you can get close enough to him, you can offer the pills and let him know that you are hung like a little boy, your fantasy of felting him may come true. At any rate, we don’t want to see it here….

          1. Isn’t it fun when liberal cowards hide behind anonymous posts and make accusations which otherwise would see them in court for slander?

            Personally, I think that MDN should end its policy of permitting anonymous posts. If you have something to say, have the courage to stand behind it.

  1. Hey, I tried this (the battery fix) and it seems to have worked! I’m going to use this until Apple really fixes this – I’ve been running out of battery way too fast since iOS 7.1 update.

    Thanks, Rush!

  2. I’d just close all open apps and force restart the device. I did it just for the heck of it and i’ve been in the nineties when usually I’m in the eighties.

  3. MDN seldom, if ever, posts any political news that isn’t connected to Apple. Mostly it’s about the government going after Apple for every excuse they can find. This post contained no politics whatsoever. Just observations Rush made concerning iPhone battery anomalies.

    I’m no fan of Barack Obama, but if he said “Here’s a way to fix a problem with your Mac,” I’d be happy to add the information to my database.

    And… he’s right. My phone was plugged in. I disconnect it from the charger. A few moments later it said 97%. I completely shut the phone down, brought it back up and now it says 100%. It works, but I can’t say it makes me feel better.

    1. In the best interest for Apple to fix this since it affects their claim of ‘it just works’.. Sometimes I feel Apple gets a lot more flak than Android or Windows only because they set their quality bar and user expectation for the brand so high.

  4. Thank goodness he dug deep in the user guide for computer troubleshooting.
    Have you tried turning it off and on again?
    Really. Saved us so much time!
    Thanks Rush!
    Watch the show The IT Crowd for his next fix.

  5. It’s posted to MDN because it’s supposed to be funny that Limbaugh is “doing” tech.

    At least I think it is anyway.

    I used to listen to Rush during the GW Bush era – and he was basically rubber stamping all administration actions. He was better during the Clinton admin. I finally got sick of his hate toward women and stopped listening.

      1. Rush does get a bigger audience when there is a Democrat liar (everything said about Obamacare and Benghazi, and, well just everything) in the White House, but Rush actually hates Obama being in the White House, because Rush loves America and Obama and his mindless voters hate America, which is why Obama said he had to “transform” it. Obama was a completely 100% unaccomplished person when elected and since then his only accomplishments have been the good parts of America he has destroyed.

        1. Could you be any-more of a simpleton, GOP hack?

          Rush is a fat, drug addled bafoon. PERIOD. Thanks to idiots like you he is now also rich, while you are stuck in the trailer park. Go figure..

        2. The second-worst thing a citizen can do is not vote.

          The worst thing a citizen can do is vote in ignorance; this is equivalent to an attack on your country.

          Given the evidence, it is reasonable to assume that a whole lot of citizens voted in ignorance in the 2012 election for President.

  6. This isn’t really good advice.

    At issue is that they battery indicator isn’t an absolute measurement. For a variety of really technical reasons, it isn’t entirely accurate.

    When you charge the phone and unplug it, it’s likely to indicate a false drop immediately and then start to balance out and show a more accurate reading.

    When you reboot the iPhone, it will reset the parameters for measuring the battery level, and thus indicate a more accurate, but not entirely accurate level.

    However, in the meantime during the reboot, you’ve consumed power and flushed out some cached memory.

    In other words, if you want your iPhone to appear to have more battery life at the expense of consuming actual battery life, go ahead and reboot as Rush suggests.

    However, if you actually timed battery life under the exact same conditions, you’ll see that the iPhone that wasn’t rebooted lasted longer.

    One caveat to this is that rebooting your iPhone periodically can help reset some things that may help battery life. However, doing this every time your charge is massive overkill and more likely to result in reduced battery time.

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