FileMaker releases FileMaker Training Series: Advanced for FileMaker 13

FileMaker, Inc. today announced the immediate availability of FileMaker Training Series: Advanced for FileMaker 13, low cost, in-depth training materials that help developers create FileMaker solutions that run on iPad, iPhone, Windows, Mac and the web. FileMaker Training Series: Advanced completes the company’s official self-paced training curriculum for the recently announced FileMaker 13 Platform. In January, the company unveiled the free FileMaker Training Series: Basics, available on iBooks and in PDF format.

FileMaker Training Series: Advanced provides in-depth coverage of development practices and techniques to help customers master the essentials of FileMaker 13 solution development. The training series is mainly for intermediate to advanced FileMaker developers, but it will also be useful to anyone who creates solutions and for those developers preparing to become a FileMaker 13 Certified Developer.

The FileMaker Training Series: Advanced has been completely restructured and formatted for improved ease of use. It incorporates callout tips for developing solutions to use on FileMaker Go for iPad and iPhone and on FileMaker WebDirect in a web browser. The series also comes with an entire module dedicated to interface design and includes tips on getting the most out of new features in FileMaker 13 such as styles and themes, new scripts, container field enhancements, database encryption and more.

The training series contains nine training modules consisting of 55 lessons and includes exercises, demos and step-by-step videos:

• Module 1: Introduction
• Module 2: Data
• Module 3: Interface
• Module 4: Solutions Logic: Calculations
• Module 5: Solutions Logic: Scripting
• Module 6: Reporting
• Module 7: Security
• Module 8: Deployment
• Module 9: Integration

FileMaker Training Series: Advanced is offered in ebook format for use on iPads. Other available formats include a printed book with an accompanying DVD and an electronic download. The training series is currently provided in English only. French, German and Japanese editions are planned for later this year.

More info via Apple’s iBooks Store:
FileMaker Training Series: Basics for FileMaker 13 [FREE]
FileMaker Training Series: Advanced for FileMaker 13 [US$19.99]

• FTS: Advanced (printed book with DVD) = $39.99 USD
• FTS: Advanced (electronic download) = $19.99 USD
• FTS: Advanced (ebook) = $19.99 USD
• FTS: Advanced (electronic download) is included at no additional charge when purchasing the FileMaker Developer Subscription ($99USD subscription fee)

FileMaker trainers throughout the world offer courses and training series. Find out more here.

FileMaker, Inc., an Apple subsidiary, delivers innovative software to easily create custom business solutions for iPad, iPhone, Windows, Mac and the web. Millions of people, from individuals to some of the world’s largest organizations, use the FileMaker Platform to streamline their business processes, manage information, and boost overall productivity.

Source: FileMaker, Inc.


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