Apple reportedly launching less expensive 8GB iPhone 5c on March 18th

“According to leaked documents from O2 Germany, Cupertino is looking to boost its middle child by launching an 8GB version that’ll retail for 60 euros less than the current 16GB model,” Matt Brian reports for Engadget.

Brian wonders, “What does this spell for the ‘bottom tier’ iPhone 4S, which is currently offered to customers for free on two-year deals?”

Brief article in full here.

MacDailyNews Take: 8GB? Enjoy your 12 apps and 4 songs. Color us doubtful.


    1. I believe these people is no longer thinking straight.

      The were surprised by its bad/slow sales numbers, they have done ads to push it, now they are trying to lower the price on a device no one will buy. Only €60 less is a joke.

      They are doing what the Samsungs, HPs, Microsofts of the world do.

      What Mr Jobs was doing was clear and straight, only one flagship phone and sell of the old models.

  1. I miss the ol’ Product release Tuesday. It was always fun when Apple released a new product every month or so even if it was a small update.
    I assume there are better margins making just 2 phone types than 3. Also the 4S may be more limited in capabilities than the 5C and that could hurt customers with the next iOS update.

  2. What the hell can you do with 8gb in a smartphone? That would be a new low for Apple. Get rid of the 5C and replace it with something your customers actually want. They were better off just leaving the iPhone 5 on the market at a discounted price.

    1. That’s what I was thinking. You would barely have 5 GB available for storage.
      But I guess there is a whole demographic that doesn’t use any apps. Or something.
      Still think Apple should apply all the cost-savings of the 5c to the iPod and make it $100 cheaper. Still the best gateway drug to the iOS ecosystem.

    2. Peolel buy 8GB 4S. 5C will replace 4S as entry level phone 5S will become mid level phone and iP6 the high end. Admit 8GB is limiting, but not everyone loads their phone with Apps. IMO

      1. I imagine that an 8GB iPhone 5c will be very attractive in developing markets. It’s basically going to hit the same price point as the current iPhone 4s but with a much better phone.

        Heck, they may even shave some dollars off of the iPhone 4s to go along with it. (I doubt they’d do that, though.)

  3. So with more than 3 million iPhone 5C (the good old Digitimes rumor mill…) sitting in warehouses in Asia (because the don’ sell at all …) Apple is producing even more of them with less memory? Maybe they are ripping half the memory out and putting them back together 😉 Apple sure is loosing it AGAIN …

    So what’s the story Digitimes? Still 3 million sitting in warehouses or what?

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