How to introduce Final Cut Pro X to children in less than an hour

“On Sunday I was lucky enough to catch the live stream of episode 47 of the Tech Educator podcast,” Alex Gollner writes for Alex4D.

“Sunday’s show was their first on Final Cut Pro X. The main guest was Jon Corippo – an Apple Distinguished Educator who has devised a lesson plan that he uses to introduce Final Cut Pro X to a classroom of children in less than an hour,” Gollner writes. “Although you can download the presentation and brief notes from its page on Slideshare I also suggest you watch and listen Jon’s quick runthrough as part of the Tech Educator podcast [see below].”

Gollner writes, “He starts soon after 17 minutes and 25 seconds. After his presentation runthough Jon switches to Final Cut Pro X and demonstrates elements of the lesson in the app itself and then goes on to introduce more features, sometimes in response to presenter and listener questions.”

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  1. “OK, children, now that you have created your first, incredible high-definition video, for preservation and distribution purposes, you will want to write it to a Blu-ray disc. This is where — YOU’RE SCREWED!!! Bwa-ha-ha-ha!”

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