Apple’s $299 iPhone 6?

“Shares of Apple rose Tuesday morning after Pacific Crest upgraded its rating on the stock to ‘outperform,’ citing high expectations for the company’s next iPhone, which the firm expects to sport a 4.7-inch display and $299 starting price tag,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider.

“Analyst Andy Hargreaves issued a note to investors on Tuesday, setting a new [AAPL] price target of $635, or about $100 more than its current trading price,” Hughes reports. “He sees a larger iPhone priced starting at $299 increasing gross profit on replacement sales, and also attracting new customers that would otherwise have opted for an Android handset with a bigger display.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


    1. Is this one of those analysts who previously assured us that Apple was definitely about to introduce a $299 iPhone and then Apple announced the 5C ?

      I’ll have one of those $299 iPhones to use alongside my $199 Apple NetBook, which was also predicted by those all-knowing analysts.

  1. I really hope the iPhone 6 does have a 4.7″ screen.
    I like everything else about the iPhone-the apps, how it works.
    I just keep missing the screen size of my nexus 5 or S4 but I keep being drawn back to my iPhone 5s for all the little reasons.

  2. I certainly hope that a 4.7 inch iPhone isn’t $299. I would expect the 5.5 inch size to be that, if they are actually going to mfg it. $299 would be a mistake for Apple at 4.7″.

      1. No way. That would be more than cutting the price in half…with a bigger screen. That would utterly kill their margins, and the stock price would have plummeted.

  3. I do think Apple has a big leeway in price and that people are willing to pay more for iPhones, especially early adopters.
    As long as the product is adequately “premium” it should be no problem at all. We have seen people thumb their nose at the less expensive 5c and go for the 5s anyhow, even places with lower wages, so why not. And besides, Apple hasn’t raised their prices in a while. But I still say they should offer the “C” variant with the previous year’s specs in a plastic body to the more price conscious consumers.

  4. How come ya’ll want such big screens? I haven’t upgraded my 4S because 3.5″ is the absolute perfect size, any bigger than that and it becomes awkward for me, I really wish Apple would release a 3.5″ version of the iPhone 6

    ..and remember, Steve thought 3.5″ was the spot-on-size too =)

    1. Hey buddy I’ll sell you the iPhone 4S that I found in the homeless shelter that they said is guaranteed brand new right off the plane from China. How many do you want?

  5. Reindeer,

    I agree with you, I prefer the 3.5″ screen size for my phone. I recently upgraded to a 5S from an iPhone 4. Although the hardware enhancements are great, and I don’t regret upgrading, I wish that it was just slightly shorter in size, similar to the 4 or 4S. It’s not my only mobile device, though. I understand, however, how others would want a larger screen if they use their phone regularly for additional functions such as a tablet, for example.

  6. Screen bigger? No problem. Phone bigger? Mmmm.

    I own a iPhone 5 but to me the 3.5″ screen is the only one that can be “thumb operated”. I am a one hand device guy most of the time and having this iPhone 5 made me wonder a lot about screen real estate.

  7. Apple will release an iPhone 6, complete with a larger screen, just as Wall Street requested. To please us all, Apple already has released several different sizes so we have multiple options (a.k.a. the older iPhone versions). Be happy campers, guys, no need for all this complaining or whining.

  8. He should have spelled out if this is contract or no contract. Americans buys phone on credit; they can’t bare paying full fare.
    This price has to be on contract. The 5s, no contract, is $650–$850.
    Even a Samsung Galaxy S4 is $545 no contract.

  9. Sell them at cost!!!!! Amazon doesn’t have any stinkin margins and Google very little by comparison and those stocks are doing well. Just hire a lying publicist away from Samsung to post a claim in the WSJ that 10 billion were shipped in three days and away we go.

  10. If this guy thinks Apple is going to sell its top of the line iPhone for $299 he’s as loony as a fruit bat. And on top of it if he thinks that would be a good thing for the stock he’s double-crazy. The stock would crater.

    1. Digging two articles deep I see that’s what he thinks the subsidized price would be. That makes more sense, but I didn’t expect an analyst to think in terms of the US subsidized price. That’s a bit strange.

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