1. I am sorry that I fall below your expectations. I have a long standing issue with texting rates charged by the telcos but am encouraged by the dropping data rates. Perhaps the fact that the telcos are rolling in texting to data plans is a sigh that they may start treating texting like any other bunch of ones and zeros.

          1. It has been a very clearly observable trend among American carriers. Prepaid, budget plans went there first, offering unlimited voice and text, and the big ones are following as well. A year ago, T-Mobile eliminated tiered texting rates and bundled unlimited text with all of their pre- and post-paid plans (they no longer offer two-year contract plans).

            It looks like others are joining in and slowly eliminating their tiered texting pricing, which was a prime example of nickel-and-diming customers for services already provided.

  1. I’m still on Verizon, but seriously considering switching considering Verizon’s prices. First T-Mobile and now even AT&T are dropping prices, but Verizon stays the most expensive. I wonder if the quality difference is really that noticeable between Verizon and AT&T.

      1. Yup, just flipped my plan this morning (I had the original iPhone on AT&T so I had been holding on to the grandfathered unlimited data plan) My 3 phone family plan was well over $200 (including add on’s), I just got similar service: unlimited call & Texting and 10GB shared data (phone hotspot capability included) for $145/mo (and remember the AT&T plans include subsidized phones so to compare T-Mobile you need to add their $25/phone/month “finance charge” (+$75 a month for me) that is, if you are going to want a new iPhone every couple years (and yes, I want a new phones every 2 years)
        AT&T has been attempting to entice us “unlimited” users to flip to shared data plan, well that was the enticement I needed.

        1. Monthly loan payment for the iPhone is $27, but there is NO downpayment ($0 upfront cost — you only pay retail tax on the price of the phone).

          AT&T, as well as all other carriers who aren’t T-Mobile, are forcing you to needlessly pay service tax on your phone (which should be taxed as retail, not mobile service).

          On AT&T’s monthly bill, your monthly plan of, say, $80 is taxed as wireless service (in some states, this tax approaches 20%). Part of that plan is monthly installment for your phone (approximately $20, on top of which you pay almost $4 in taxes). With T-Mobile, your monthly plan is $50 (taxed at that 20% rate), and your phone installment of $27 is NOT taxed anything (because you paid retail tax of 3 – 8%, depending on state, upfront, when you bought the phone).

          Over the life of your contract, you have paid almost $100 in unnecessary taxes.

          So, T-Mobile will always have better deals, since they don’t needlessly pay the tax man (out of YOUR pocket) for something they shouldn’t.

  2. Too late, AT&T!

    i took T-Mobile’s offer and couldn’t be happier. My two line family plan for which you were charging me $179 a month has just been converted to a $100 a month plan with the same features.

    And the great thing my wife and I are free of your two year contract. I had to buy two $60 android phones as part of the switch over and kept our iPhone 5 and 5s. Eazy-Pezy.

    The only fly in the ointment was AT&T screwed up the unlocking on my wife’s 5s. It’s as though they didn’t want to let her go. Our account was at $0. We paid off everything, $478 to leave, but AT&T just had to screw up one more time. LOL After a month’s delay we were free. And the great thing is no contract and now when I travel overseas I use the T-Mobile network rather than the hassle and cost of AT&T.

    I’m FREE of MA BELL!

    1. You need to compare apples to apples,
      AT&T’s new $130/mo 2 line unlimited & 10GB of data plan includes Phone subsidy’s (you would have to add T-mo’s $25-$30/mo/line phone finance fee (adding $50/mo to your plan) in order to compare fairly)
      Also not equal are the networks, One of my daughters had an android phone on a T-mobile (no contract) plan.
      While she had it (she is now iPhone on my family plan) her service was defiantly second rate (in many locations). Like it or not AT&T & Verizon have superior service (coverage)

  3. I should have added that T-Mobile paid the $478 cost to walk away from AT&T and i just threw away the two cheap android phones since i didn’t need them because my wife and i kept our 5 and 5s – T-Mobile just slipped in new sim cards. i considered the 2x$60 android phone charge the cost of the breakup and made it up in the the first two months of lower monthly bills.

  4. This is good for the customer. The carriers are starting a price war and giving up on areas where they usually gouge the customer.
    I just switched to AT&T’s 10GB plan:
    1. 10GB data for 3 people instead of 4.3GB I had been paying for. Only $15 for 2 qualifying phones.
    2. 2 new iPhone 5S (32 and 64GB) with only tax to pay up front. Buy the phones interest-free over 26 months, instead of having to pay $700 up front and then higher monthly access fees.
    3. At the end of 26 months price goes down to $145.
    4. We typically change our phones every 3 years. With the previous plan we would have spent $7.5K for 3 people. With the new plan that goes down to $5K. A huge savings and now I feel for once that I’m not getting completely screwed by the carrier.

  5. I’m not a high dosage user. As such, my AT&T plan is fairly trim. Nationwide 450 with rollover minutes, Messaging 200, and Unlimited Data for $60.99 a month.

  6. I just added my iPad to my iPhone business plan. For both devices and 4GB, up from 3GB, it’ll only cost $15 more per month. $105 total. A 10GB plan costs $20 more than that.

    Not great, but better than last week. 🙂

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