What happens when Apple finds a child making your iPhone

“There are more than 1.5 million workers making products for Apple, and some of them are children,” Tim Fernholz reports for Quartz. “The company knows this, and it will tell you: In 2013, it audited 451 different facilities in 16 countries, and found 23 people who had been hired when they were younger than 16. Eleven were still underage at the time of the audit. In all of its publicly available audits, from 2006 to 2013, the company has found 349 child laborers.”

“What happens after they are found?” Fernholz reports. “[Apple] executives decided to adopt a program designed in 2008 by Impactt, a social-responsibility consultancy based in the UK that operates in China, India, and Bangladesh. The plan calls for Apple to make any transgressing supplier pay not only for the education of any child laborers it is found using, but also keep paying them wages until they graduate (thus removing their incentive to stay out of school). Apple follows up with the former workers to ensure they are still in school.”

“The idea is to deter suppliers from hiring children, while making sure any they do hire end up back in school. Dionne Harrison, who manages these programs for Impactt, says her local staff go to the factory to meet the workers, figure out their actual age and, eventually, meet their families, in an effort to convince them to go back to school,” Fernholz reports. “It sounds like a good deal. Yet most of the time, the young workers don’t take it.”

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            As a foreigner, it has been quite amusing to follow the “birthers” movement in America. In many ways it is similar to the “Flat Earth” society (at least to those who genuinely believe in it); no matter how many ways you show them the truth, they will continue to believe their own story.

            1. Well, not so much, although America has outsized influence on the world (due to its military, and to an extent, economic power), so yes, to a certain extent, I am sometimes concerned about what happens in American society and politics, because it often has profound effect on others.

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              So, yes, while technically it should be none of my concern, it actually often is.

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              If you don’t want gaijin* commenting, then here’s a suggestion: shut the fuck up about party politics, Obama, and anything else that isn’t directly concerned with Apple or the legal machinations of its competitors.
              It’s none of our concern, and thus it should be kept out of a forum that has many international readers.
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      1. “If they aren’t being forced, who cares!”

        Exactly! Even worse is, these imbeciles trying to shove their regulations (in this case very stupid thinking) onto other countries. What can be considered underage in the U.S. may not be considered underage in other countries.

        If a supplier is violating any labor law/regulation in that country it is a problem for the regulators in that country; what a nagging insistence of pocking their nose where it doesn’t belong.

        “The plan calls for Apple to make any transgressing supplier pay not only for the education of any child laborers it is found using”

        Who do they think they are? If they find a supplier incurring in what they think is underage labor, they should drop that supplier or not hire that supplier in the first place.

        Apple should focus on making the best products in the most effective manner and with the least damage to society in general. They should leave labor regulation issues to local authorities and regulators.

        The most Apple should be doing, and it likely is, establish some labor policies, standards, practices for suppliers to comply (which could be fine tuned or localized to each country) and if they don’t comply Apple should just stop using that supplier and/or report those incidents to local authorities AND MOVE ON.

        That role of “Lady of Charity” is not what Apple should be doing.

    1. In addition, the concept of “under 16” is often based on American principles. In China they calculate age based on year only, not year, month, day calculations. Often a person will be 15 years and 8 months old but when you do the math by year only you get the number 16. That is the normal math there but when audited by American standards you get “under 16”.

  1. What happens when Apple finds a child making your iPhone? They give her:
    —if completed under 48 seconds, a cookie;
    —if completed over 48 seconds, a beating.

  2. Not condoning child abuse but if ever go to Asia (I was just there for 3 weeks a few months ago and worked there for 10 years in my youth), you’ll see kids working everywhere: in roadside stalls helping to sell food, cleaning etc. Kids work everywhere in their family businesses or farms. school in many Asian countries are ‘half’ day as they run two sessions (not enough schools) , so plenty of time for kids to work.

    Even in N.America plenty of ‘kids’ work in family businesses like restaurants and farms. Go ask a farm kid whether they had to ‘help out’ before they were 15…

    I have a (yoga meditating ashram living — pure vegan doesn’t even eat diary ) friend who used to work as an aid worker distributing food etc to homeless kids in asia and Africa (in some African countries there are thousands in a single city). One place in Northern India\Pakistan he was swarmed by angry kids. Some brain dead Western ‘labour activists’ had forced the closing down of a rug factory and put all these kids out of work. they were helping to feed their starving families. “Why are Westerners so evil?” the kids asked. Even my ashram friend cursed those ‘liberal’ idiots… According to him clueless people should stay where they are and don’t interfere unless they really know what they are doing…

    In many places of the world people eat one meal a day….
    some places are better, people live reasonably ok in Cuba where the average salary a month is around $15 -20 (yeah, fifteen). (compare that to a Chinese foxconn average of $400 a month before overtime and you can see the incentive to forge papers… )

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