Apple to open Siri to third-party apps, sources say

“Apple plans for [iWatch] to allow a wider variety of people to engage with health monitoring rather than the small, data-obsessed demographic that typically uses such devices now,” Meghan Foley reports for Wall St. Cheat Sheet. “Given the prevalence of Apple’s smartphones and tablets, the large number of people already engaged with Apple’s interface, and the company’s success at making its devices intuitive and easy to use, it is likely that Apple will make health monitoring popular with the wider public. While Apple watchers do not expect the company’s intended uses for the iWatch to require approval from the Food and Drug Administration, Siri will have to be greatly altered.”

“Apple engineers are reportedly redesigning Siri so that the iOS voice-driven personal assistant can be integrated with third-party applications,” Foley reports. “This latest rumor is courtesy of an article published Monday by tech blog The Information, which not only noted that this update will allow Siri to perform more advanced functions like book a hotel reservation, but that such an advancement is likely a necessity for the development of the iWatch.”

Foley reports, “‘The technology being developed at Apple can also be applied to determine what app to show a user when they have limited screen space, as they would when using a smartwatch the company has been developing, according to people familiar with the effort,’ noted the article. ‘If a user starts running, for example, Siri might show them a fitness app that could help them track their workout while moving other apps into the background.'”

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  1. Also please update Siri so that it:

    1.) Is faster
    2.) Actually works without a network connection

    As for opening up to 3rd parties… if the way Apple traditionally does business is any indication then I doubt it. They don’t traditionally ‘play well with others’. Unless it’s completely on there terms meaning that they ‘will open up to 3rd parties’ but what it really means is that companies like Facebook and Twitter will pay them a lot of money just for the opportunity to grace the presence of the iPhone with additional features and all the consumers will get out of it is 2 additional commands like “Post a status update to Facebook” or “Post a status update to twitter”. All the while there is a huge marketing push about Siri being open to ‘3rd parties’ and Apple ‘working with partners’ to make it seem like Siri is becoming more and more advanced when in actuality nothing has changed except 2 new commands and other parties who’s apps could integrate very well and offer powerful and useful feature set additions to Siri are left out because Apple only allows select parters to do anything that benefit customers on the OS level… This has been demonstrated time and time again with one of the worst examples being the ‘share’ option within iOS which gives you maybe 5 options all of which are partners selected by Apple (who of course paid lots to be listed in their share options) and also pales in comparison to the likes of Android even with all it’s many other faults who gives you an option to share with any app that the specific kind of data you’re using can be accepted by. Also the same approach as the Apple TV which piece meal channels to customers and why many customers choose Roku over Apple TV because it’s open to any content provider to provide a channel for the customer to install. But yeah, I’m an Apple fan but also a realist and the way they do business is beginning to annoy me more and more as someone who has spent thousands on their products.

    1. Blah, blah, blah…non stop torrent of turd…Jesus, I have always known you to be a long winded fool, ever since you were blabbing your mouth off in kindergarten.

      1. While I agree, I don’t agree with your conclusion.
        Not paid enough? His trolls are totally obvious and unconvincing. If they do anything they highlight the fact that samsung pays idiots to post nonsense on the web. And that can only bring more shame and disgrace to samsung’s already tarnished name. If I were samsung I wouldn’t pay idiots like him a penny.

        The upside is he (& trolls like him), just like Ballmer, actually help Apple. May Michael Perry keep posting his nonsense for as long as it takes to get the average person to become disgusted and realize what an unethical disgrace samsung really is.

      2. I’m paid by Samsung yet your the one who mentioned their name, not me? Search my comment history, I’ve always bemoaned Scamsung for copying Apple at every chance they get however I am not so blind that I don’t notice patterns and habits that seem detrimental to consumer user experience as a whole. Like I’ve said before I’m a real Apple fan and fans are like friends, not yes men. Yes men will keep telling you you’re great as long as they can keep getting some benefit from doing so and will never criticize you when needed, to help you grow. Friends will give call as they see it and whether or not you agree with them you can at least trust what they say enough to consider their points and apply improvement that addresses at least the spirit of what their criticism is based on if at all possible. I actually care enough about the company (funny enough I actually have many shares invested although according to you I’m paid by Samesung of all people) and their long term success and customer satisfaction to actually point things out that I see. I’m not so blind and in love that I find no fault with them and get defensive and every minute air of criticism I detect. Anyhow this kind of discourse I’m sure doesn’t interest you, gauging by your previous infantile outburst.

    2. Problem is that your message actually displays the problem with that approach, it makes everything long winded and includes lots of content which actually says very little. I don’t want to search through endless options just those that are especially relevant to my needs. A bit more flexibility might be nice but your solution is a nightmare to my mind.

  2. Apple does play well with others. Here’s the deal: once Apple releases an application programming interface for developers to work with they are stuck with it for a long time to come, so Apple integrates their technology internally first to hammer out an API that works and doesn’t box them into a corner. Then the API is made public and rich (and industry leading) apps start coming from third-parties.

    1. That would make sense if that is what they are actually doing however here are several examples that don’t fit what you have laid out.

      1.) Siri (released 2011)
      2.) Facetime (released 2010 remember it being announced as an open standard?)
      3.) Apple TV channels (released 2010 for current ATV iteration that included ‘channels’)
      4.) Quick message shortcut in notification center (released 2011 currently on Facebook and Twitter)

      Do you have any examples (aside from the app store itself) where they have done what you are saying in the mobile space?

      1. I wouldn’t make a distinction between the mobile space and any other space. I can tell that what I laid out is exactly how Apple evaluates APIs because I was there doing it for over two decades. Do all APIs become public? No. However, the vast majority do. When Apple buys companies it isn’t to take that company’s products and add them to Apple’s on line store. They are purchased because there is a technology fit and absorbing that technology will speed Apple’s goals. Typically that technology enters the Apple portfolio in a rebranded sense, then gets gutted with the interesting stuff going into Apple’s frameworks and the app, if it has a future in its former form, gets rewritten to break apart what is now framework guts and basically UI. And other developers are free to use the framework.

        To take your example of the quick message shortcut, there are clearly contractual negotiations underlying the inclusion of Facebook and Twitter, and it’s entirely likely those agreements preclude — either in perpetuity or for an exclusive period of time — Apple from opening quick messaging up to other developers.

        In short, it is really easy to sit outside and judge how easy things ought to be, but the truth is far messier. In my time at Apple we saw entire frameworks get ripped out because the contributing source material was changed to use a different licensing scheme that would have been impossible for Apple to continue working under.

  3. Could be great if they integrate CarPlay so deep in the car that you can diagnose your car, detect maintenance schedules, act was a “blackbox” for the car, make siri to be able to turn on the heat or the AC, things like that.

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