Ballmer wishes for 10 year do-over, says Microsoft missed the mobile market

“Microsoft Corp largely missed the mobile market in the last decade, its recently departed chief executive officer said Tuesday,” Lisa Fleisher reports for The Wall Street Journal.

“Speaking at the Saïd Business School in Oxford, U.K., Steve Ballmer, who stepped down from Microsoft one month ago, admitted that he would re-do the last ten years if he could,” Fleisher reports. “‘We would have a stronger position in the phone market today if I could re-do the last 10 years,’ he said. The answer, he said, is to pick up and try to catch the next wave.”

“‘I’m a very interested board member,’ he said of the company he joined in 1980 and headed since 2000. ‘I own 4% of Microsoft,’ he said. ‘I care a lot about my child, and my investment, and therefore the investment of the other owners of our company,'” Fleisher reports. “Mr. Ballmer said he sees technology playing a major role in two areas in the future: bringing the next billion people into the consumer economy, and disrupting entire fields that are still slow to change, healthcare and education.”

“One student asked what it was like to be incredibly wealthy and powerful,” Fleisher reports. “Mr. Ballmer said that he usually would have punted on a question like that. But now that he’s retired? He felt free to say what he really felt: ‘I can play just about any golf course I want.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Steve BallmerBallmer T. Clown would need to go back longer than just ten years.

Steve Jobs was already handing Gates and him their asses well before 2004.

Sniff. Okay, we admit it:

We miss the big dumb monkey already!

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dominick P.” for the heads up.]


  1. “…disrupting entire fields that are still slow to change…”

    Hmmmm… Slow to change?
    Like, uhhhhh… Microsoft?

    They redefine the concept of calcification.

          1. Like, like, like….all 3 posts above! His kids are probably over 18 now and buy whatever phone they want (don’t have to obey his old rule of no Apple products in the house). Can you imaging them seeing their father running around sweating and screaming on YouTube? They must be scarred for life unless of course he does that at home on Thanksgiving or something.

    1. We would all do things differently if we could turn the clock back ten years.

      If that privilege were granted to Microsoft’s customers, they would have abandoned Windows when Vista was launched, rather than wait for Windows 8 before seeing the light.

      1. Hindsight is 20/20.

        Microsoft would like the last 14 years back to not make a sales guy the CEO. Sales guys generally don’t have a vision for the future. If they ask for something new it’s because the competition is already selling it and by then you’re too late.

  2. He and MS had 10 years to own the tablet PC but they failed.
    Even after SJ had shown them the iPad they still managed to pour $900m down the pan with their first attempt.
    However the cash cow that is Government a locked in to MS Office so they fail with complete immunity

  3. If they ever do a Microsoft movie, I want Stevie B. to be played by Jeffrey Tambor. The guy played the “bumbling buffoon businessman” role perfectly with George Bluth, Sr. He’s a great fit for Ballmer T. Clown.

    1. That would put a whole other level of “creepy” on the clown gig. haha

      Now I want to remake the E-trade baby commercial with Balmer in the background. Can’t you just see him with his tongue sticking out. Eeeeeee!

  4. A do-over? Wouldn’t we all. Talk to Marty McFly.

    Even if Ballmer did get a do-over, but could not keep the knowledge he has now how the market turned out, he’d still flunk out. I’d love to go back in time with that Sports Almanac and advance knowledge of stocks too and make a fortune. The point is that would be easy and not deserved. You missed it because you’re a misfit and didn’t have the talent in the first place. Now he’d like to cheat and get it right. Sorry Uncle Fester, the right people got the credit the first time.

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