Apple CFO transition may matter more than you think

“Apple Inc. has announced that Peter Oppenheimer will retire as the tech giant’s chief financial officer,” Jon C. Ogg writes for 24/7 Wall St.

“This is being called an orderly and planned transition, and the retirement date is being set all the way out at the end of September,” Ogg writes. “Luca Maestri, who is Apple’s vice president of Finance and corporate controller, will replace Oppenheimer as CFO.”

“Any time a CFO retirement comes up, it can create change inside a company,” Ogg writes. “This fresh set of views that could change the way things are handled on the money side of Apple ahead. Perhaps Maestri can convince Tim Cook to be a bit more aggressive financially. Maybe.”

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  1. Steve Jobs hired Scott Forstall, Ron Johnson, and Peter Oppenheimer, all who turn out to be luminaries in their field of endeavor, respectively the head of iOS software, head of retail operations, and head of finance.

    Cook hires absolutely mediocre people like Browett to manage retail, the only reason being that Browett likes the bullshit that Cook espouses, which is cost cutting to the detriment of user experience. If you’re even halfway talented, there is no room for you in the Cook executive team. Only somnambulistic artistes need apply to the new bland Apple.

    Witness the more than bland and ordinary iOS 7, derivative in every way to Android & Windows Phone 8. Originality has gone out of the window in Cook’s world.

    1. That might be a sensible point if Tim Cook hadn’t already sacked Browett and hired Angela Ahrendts, who is widely regarded as a truly inspired choice.

      Tim Cook impressed a lot of people with the way he dealt with the climate change deniers. He showed courage, integrity and moral leadership. Apple is in good hands, Oppy is leaving in an orderly manner, his replacement is well up to the job and I’m delighted to be a shareholder in Apple. I’m so confident of Apple’s future that I plan to increase my holding of AAPL.

        1. Actually he told a representative of a tiny group of shareholders that were pushing a politically and theocratically motivated agenda that had *absolutely* nothing to do with Apple’s future to go pound sand.

          Once again you need to get your facts straight.

          1. Nope, he did exactly what I typed above. Regardless of your opinion of a “tiny group of shareholders” they ARE shareholders nonetheless. As such, the CEO of a publicly-held corporation is obligated to inform them how THEIR MONEY is being spent.

            1. As soon as you bought Apple stock, your money became their money. If you don’t like that fact then sell your stock to get your money back. You bought into their leadership, their future and their past. Do you think that your little opinion even matters to them? Do you even think that they give a rats ass about their stock value? Those are two things that they can’t control (and shouldn’t). But what they can control is to continue making the best product available and make it envirenmentally responsible as well. That’s why I continue buying their stock and their products.

            2. Please elaborate how, in your opinion of “the real world,” I am in error regarding CEO’s obligation to divulge expenditures to legitimate investors of a publicly-held corporation at a shareholders meeting?

        1. “only those who want Apple to fail will find fault with him”
          = BULLSHEET

          When the captain takes the ship in the wrong direction, the most patriotic thing to do is right the ship for the good of everyone.

        2. If you want  to fail, continue your support of a sanctimonious CEO who is hell-bent on reducing a great company to questionable political activism. Furthermore, the shareholders’ money spent on political activism, this same CEO refuses to divulge to the people who own the company at a shareholders meeting. And most importantly, a CEO whose tired “great products in the pipeline” meme has become the new mantra of ’s impotence.

          The honeymoon is over, Timmy. Produce or get the fuck out.

      1. Except for a couple of Burberry runway fashion photoshoots captured on the iPhone, Ahrendts has proven exactly zilch in Apple Retail.

        1. The reason why she hasn’t managed to change anything yet might possibly be connected with the fact that she won’t start work at Apple until Spring 2014, but don’t let an inconvenient fact get in the way of your mindless rant.

          1. I’m sorry, but you seem to be the idiot here, not seeing the subtlety of my reply. I am fully aware that Ahrendts will not be officially joining Apple until later in the year but you seem to be singing premature praises of her: “widely regarded as an inspired choice”.

            Let’s leave judgement of Ahrendt’s performance relative to Apple Retail until she has had a chance to shine, or otherwise, or even drop the ball like Browett before pronouncing her as the next retail messiah.

            Sorry, but it seems to me that your English comprehension is sorely lacking here.

            1. I would point out that I am English, have always lived in England, had an excellent education in England and my comprehension of English is exemplary.

              You stated that Ahrendts has proven nothing and I responded by reminding you that she has not started yet.

              I would also remind you that my previous posting referred to Ahrendt as being “widely regarded as a truly inspired choice. As you are clearly unable to understand clearly written English, I will try and explain in simpler terms specifically for the benefit of people like you, with what is clearly a below average IQ and a significant social inadequacy …. People in the industry who know her and who also know what they are talking about rate her very highly and predict that she will work very well within Apple.

              You stated that Cook hires mediocre people like Browett, but Cook also fired Browett pretty quickly, while Ahrendts is anything but mediocre to any sane observer.

              Finally I would also add that I have twice met her personally, long before any announcement about Apple and she was a very impressive executive with a very clear vision of where her company should be heading and how to get there.

            2. For an English speaker, you surely show a poor proficiency in the English language. Perhaps you should try the American education system instead of the British one you were educated under.

              Again I reiterate my previous comment, that apart from a couple of photoshoots done on iPhones, Ahrendts has done nothing to prove herself within the context of Apple Retail and hence, any plaudits or otherwise heaped on her is undeserved. Notice I refrained from commenting on the quality of Cook’s hire with respect to Ahrendts because she is unproven as far as managing Apple Retail is concerned, irrespective of what her CV looks like elsewhere. I am not interested in her CV, only her performance record at Apple which is at the moment non-existent, which is why I made an indirect reference to the Burberry photoshoot.

              Am I clear enough for you? Or should I speak in Irish Gaelic for your benefit.

            3. “Or should I speak in Irish Gaelic for your benefit.”

              Oh the irony of trying to criticise my English proficiency, but omitting the question mark when asking a question.

              You were already a laughing stock, but now even more so.

    2. Ummm. Jony Ive designed iOS7. Who hired him? I’ve forgotten . . . . And Forstall. Wasn’t he the one who designed faux leather calendars and faux torn paper edges and silly shredders to delete used coupons in Passbook? And turned out the most embarrassingly incomplete software in the history of Apple (Maps)??

      BTW – judging by the install rate, it appears the vast majority of users like iOS7. Seems like you iOS7 haters are just a tiny minority.

      1. Jony Ive didn’t so much design iOS 7 as destroyed it with washed out colors, flat two dimensional icons, difficult to read text, and unreadable yellow text on white backgrounds. Need I go on? The number of faux pas committed on the UI by Ive far surpasses the fake leather look of Calendar on iOS 6, which by the way was usable, unlike Calendar on iOS 7 which is the equivalent to a piece of lumberyard junk due to its all white background, lack of a back button and confusing UI. I have stopped using Calendar in iOS 7 since the horrible UI redesign.

        As for the number of adopters of iOS 7, the fact that Apple prevents you from going back to iOS 6, no matter how much you liked it, is a draconian way of forcing upgrades on users merely to massage the numbers so that they can crow about fake adoption numbers, obviously to hoodwink easily duped people like you.

      2. Nope, we’re not a tiny minority. iOS7 is tasteless. Ive needs to stick to hardware and leave the software interface to people who know how to evoke not just basic function, but actual user enthusiasm. The flat tiles look is dead.

        Nobody is saying iOS6 is the pinnacle of design, we are saying that iOS7 is a huge step backwards.

    3. Hey Trevor and bottie,
      there are plenty of other blogs for you to feel more important and respected than this one. I for one like talking positively about things related to Apple. For sure you don’t. On behalf of all the other enthusiasts here, I invite you to go elsewhere. Not because I’m a pussy or whatever you’ll try to brand me as a parting shot (hope, hope), just because it is such a drag to such people like you in such pain and self-contempt. I wish you all the best.

      1. Dan, I welcome you with open arms to North Korea where dissent and opposing viewpoints are not tolerated.

        Please apply at our embassy in Washington DC. I look forward with pleasure to you joining our progressive work teams at our luxurious gulags.

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