Why Apple’s iPhone 5s beats Samsung’s Galaxy S5

“In the 2014 edition of the smartphone wars, it’s going to come down to the Galaxy S5 and the iPhone 6. But even in April when Samsung’s sequel debuts, it’s not going to deliver enough to sway people away from their iPhones,” Mark Spoonauer writes for LAPTOP. Samsung’s “5.1-inch follow-up doesn’t represent that much of a threat. Here’s why the iPhone 5s is still the device to beat.”

“While the back of the S5 feels nicer, the metal-and-glass iPhone 5s still has a more premium vibe. I’ll take aluminum gold over plastic gold every time,” Spoonauer writes. “While I applaud Samsung for giving a flat makeover to its TouchWiz overlay for Android, iOS 7 is still by far the easiest software to use on a mobile device. The iPhone 5s… feels like a more curated experience.”

“For me, I love being able to take notes in a meeting on a MacBook Air and then have them automatically show up on my phone. That’s just one of the benefits of iCloud. You don’t have to think about it,” Spoonauer writes. “Meanwhile, Samsung has tried its hand at selling content (movies, books, TV, etc.), but it doesn’t feel nearly as seamless as the iTunes store.”

“Secret. Infinity Blade 3. Flappy Birds. Vine. Mailbox. Amazon Instant Video. Facebook Paper. Tinder. I could go on. Whether it’s a hot new messaging app or a game everyone is talking about, the best apps tend to go to iOS first. And some never make their way to Android,” Spoonauer writes. “A recent study from Kaspersky Labs found that 98 percent of mobile malware targets Android… most smartphone owners would rather not deal with these kinds of headaches.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Custom 64-bit processor tailored for the OS and hardware vs. 32-bit off-the-shelf antiques. Chamfered aircraft-grade aluminum and glass vs. a plastic phone. An OS specifically tailored to the hardware vs. an insecure, fragmented third-party OS. We could go on and on and on.


  1. There are two versions of the galaxy S5. Current model and then the premium version in May. Dont get too cocky people, if what i hear is correct we will be using the first bendable , unbreakable screen smartphone sooner than u think. Anyway, theres only one country on the planet that is mostly Iphone crazy, and thats the States. Everyone else on the planet use Samsung and a few others.

      1. yep, a distant third:

        2012 GDP (millions $US)
        1 United States 16,244,600
        2 China 8,227,103
        3 Japan 5,959,718
        4 Germany 3,428,131
        5 France 2,612,878
        6 United Kingdom 2,471,784
        7 Brazil 2,252,664
        8 Russian Fed. 2,014,775
        9 Italy 2,014,670
        10 India 1,841,710
        11 Canada 1,821,424
        12 Australia 1,532,408
        13 Spain 1,322,965
        14 Mexico 1,178,126
        15 Korea, Rep. 1,129,598
        16 Indonesia 878,043
        17 Turkey 789,257
        18 Netherlands 770,555
        19 Saudi Arabia 711,050
        20 Switzerland 631,173

        In other news, affluent Italians own multiple cell phones. What does that have to do with Apple’s trend in phone sales and profits? Apple long ago gave up the market share battle. Problem is, if it doesn’t diversify its handset range with a bit more effort, it will lose the “must have” appeal in emerging economies lower on the GDP list.

    1. Yeah? Seriously? How far from your state border have you actually travelled? As I understand it, most Americans never do, let alone leave the actual country.
      I can tell you that were you to spend time in London, one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, and look at the phones people are using, you’ll see that 80-90% are iPhones! the others divided up among all the other makers! and spread across everything from dumbphone to smartphone.
      And virtually every tablet you see being used is an iPad.
      And the people using them come from practically every country you can possibly think of; certainly every Japanese person I see has an iPhone, and there are lots in the UK, particularly London.

  2. Samsung is indeed giving Apple a run for their money, while Cook drags his feet.
    cm8 may be part of the illiterate masses that Apple avoids but the Koreans have successfully made Apple look like they’re standing still.
    Apple is the richest tech company in the world. But the trend here is not good for them. Without Jobs to show the way it’s just a matter of time before Cook’s lack of vision starts to become apparent to even the fanboys. Like me….

    1. Really? Samsung is giving Apple a “run for its money” when the Galaxy S5 basically changed . . . the back cover?

      Your meds are out of whack again.

    2. @ Paul and Cocky

      Do you guys own businesses?
      And even if you do, have you ever studied business to any appreciable extent?

      And even if you have done both (a bit), it never ceases to amaze me how people make such bombastic pronouncements about the most successful – by far – tech company on the planet.

  3. Looks like the fandroids are pissed their shitty OS and designs has been called out. Such overpopulated junk that it spilled over to Apple-focussed (sic) sites.

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