Tim Cook: iPhone 5s, 5c sales both outpace predecessors; Apple bought 23 companies in past 16 months

“Apple’s chief executive Tim Cook sat alone onstage as he presided over the company’s annual shareholder meeting, fielding questions and detailing various aspects of his company’s business,” Daniel Eran Dilger reports for AppleInsider. “Once the official business completed, Cook recited a broad range of prepared remarks and took questions from the audience. He also noted that within the next 60 days, Apple’s board would announce the results of deliberations on adjustments to the company’s dividend and stock buyback programs.”

“Cook also addressed the launch of the iPhone 5c and 5s, noting that the two phones both outsold Apple’s previous products in the middle tier and the high end, a moderate rebuke of reports that have insisted that the iPhone 5c is a ‘failure’ for not having sold even better than it did,” Dilger reports. “He called particular attention to Touch ID, stating that it has been ‘incredibly well received.'”

“Over the past roughly 16 months, Cook also noted Apple had acquired 23 companies, but added that the company was not in a race to buy up the greatest number of firms or to pay the most money for them, a quip that appeared to be directed at Facebook’s breathtakingly expensive purchase of WhatsApp or the similarly vast (and in retrospect, disastrous) purchase of Motorola Mobility by Google,” Dilger reports. “Cook added that Apple now has 800 million iOS users…”

Much more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]

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  1. iPhone sales can’t help but be up in such a fast growing market with huge expanding markets in China, Brazil, India, and elsewhere.

    So the 5S sells better than the 5 (and plastic 5C ). No surprise there. Vastly superior hardware for about the same price.

    And the 5C sells better than the 4S? No surprise there. It would be hard Even a 2-year old phone will sell better than a 3-year old phone.

    So when does the iPhone 6 arrive with a superior iOS, Tim?

    1. It does my soul good to see you trolls straining (like a constapated old man) to come up with even passable trolls (and that nonsense you penned that was barely even that)

      So you think the phone 5 is two year old tech? (given that you couldn’t buy one two years ago? but I digress…) Well if that is (dubious) so, then it makes the fact that samedung’s just announced galaxy can’t match even the original iPhone 5 even more amazing, don’t you think.

      So basically if you apple haters rush out and get the brand spanky new galaxy, you’ll still be behind the iPhone I bought a year and a half ago. Is it any older that the iPhones are selling so well? (well everywhere, but Korea)
      Without Apple to follow around like a dog, Samsung doesn’t have a clue what to do.

      1. Oh, “Mike” isn’t an Apple-hater. He’s worse. He’s a snooty Apple-using “professional” who offhandedly dismisses anything Apple does that doesn’t fit his personal needs, then looks down on the rest of us for “settling”.


        1. Couldn’t disagree more. Mike seems to add pretty good counterpoint to the often brainless parroted groupthink around here. Constructive criticism is a valuable tool to improve even the market leader.

          1. Why, thank you, anonymous commenter “Paul” for standing up for anonymous commenter “Mike”. May we hear from anonymous commenters “Steve”, “Joe”, and “Bob”, next?


    2. Virtually everything you’ve stated has no basis in fact.

      China, India and Brazil are emerging markets, not the major sales points, so the success of the 5s and 5c is there without those markets. In the future, they may be major sales regions, but they’re not yet.

      The 5s starts at 2x the price of the 5c. So wrong again.

      The 4s is 2.5 yrs old, not 3 years.

      And the 5s is only 5 months old. It’ll be the superior phone for likely most of this calendar year. And when the iPhone 6 comes out, it’ll still be an entire generation ahead of it’s competitors, like the 5s is now.

      1. Isn’t that the litmus test for trolls? Take any price drop and claim it’s proof that investors aren’t happy… nicely ignoring the fact that in order to sell someone had to buy.

  2. No one is mentioning it lately, but step back and think of what Apple has achieved: By about 2015, Apple will have made about a BILLION IOS DEVICES; for about 1 out of every 6 people on earth.

    But if you count on the % in the industrialized world’s of higher income families, Apple may already be nearing saturation of the high end consumer market.

    I don’t know any other company in history that has done this in 7 years or so. It has done this by insisting on making only the best. Now, who really wants to settle for 2nd best in either hardware or software or services anymore.

      1. An accomplishment that will suffer from a dearth of attribution by a generation of rodents masquerading as tech analysts.

        A future Herodotus may get the story straight. But today’s scribes are scurrilous opportunists and assassins, no more than that. There simply is no money to be made telling the truth.

        1. “There simply is no money to be made telling the truth.”

          jeez, I am afraid you’re right. Maybe Snowden can make some dough on a biopic. Other than Ron Paul & Mark Lane, I can’t think of any other well-known person who strives to tell the truth. Man, that sucks. Can you think of anyone else?

          1. Seriously, pushing truth usually leads to crucifixion. Every Internet writer knows that, or has expired because of it. Humanity’s only real hope is through the practice of free expression, such as happens in unregulated Internet forums like this.

            I would only add that humour supercharges the intellect. Politicians haven’t learnt that, I wonder why?

            1. Humor…? Even slapstick doesn’t register as funny to asinine mobs and aimless assassins…

              Anti truth rodents …can you just see today’s pied piper?

            2. yes, i have been crucified, and lived to tell about it (like one other i know of)

              truth will set you free, keep changing your address, keep using a browser like Epic, and keep challenging the stupitidy that is everywhere on the internet, they will eventually read and learn.
              thank you Hannah !-)

  3. This bit of fun caught my attention:

    Tim Cook Soundly Rejects Politics of the NCPPR, Suggests Group Sell Apple’s Stock

    …[Tim Cook] looked directly at the NCPPR representative and said, “If you want me to do things only for ROI reasons, you should get out of this stock.”

    The Register attempted to twist Cook’s response into something negative. But here was my reply to their rubbish:

    ➡ Thank You Tim Cook!

    As a long time Apple fanatic, it’s pleasing to hear Tim Cook directly respond to the parasitic and raid-oriented investors with a negative. Because Apple has become the biggest, most important technology company on the planet, it has attracted the riffraff of what, these days, I call Wall-Nut Street. I heartily encourage the coke addicted thrill investors to move along and leave Apple to thrive without their dullard demands and machinations for ruining the company in their image.

    Thrive on Apple!

    1. Thanks for bringing this up Derek.
      This is probably sarcasm at its best; NCPPR (National Center for public policy research) a non-profit, tax-exempted charitable organization thinks it’s qualified to lecture one of the worlds most profitable and admired companies on how to make profits! This truly is amazing!

      Massive kudos to Tim Cook’s answer and it surely validates my faith and my loyalty to the company, and surely will bring increased ROI in the future.

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