Apple wins dismissal of IPCom’s $2.2 billion German patent suit

“A court in Mannheim has dismissed a case brought by German patent-holding company IPCom against Apple and HTC,” Deutsche Welle reports. “IPCom claimed the two firms violated one of its patents and was seeking a record sum in damages.”

“The state court in Mannheim didn’t give an oral explanation for its verdict, but said in a statement released on Friday that IPCom’s claim for damages against Apple had been dismissed,” DW reports. “IPCom had sought 1.57 billion euros ($2 billion) in damages from Apple alone, claiming the US technology giant had violated its patent EP 1841268, which it had registered with the European Patent Office. The patent is for mobile technology that allows priority access to certain mobile phone calls even when a network is saturated.”

DW reports, “If granted, IPCom’s claim against Apple would have resulted in the highest sum of damages ever paid in connection with a patent dispute.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Begone, ye troll!

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  1. Apple not always get what they think is right among the German’s court, but none of the case is close to the level of stupidity as seen among the courts in the States. Far from. Shame on the States courts.

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