Apple shareholders vote down investors’ proposals, re-elect entire board

“At the company’s annual shareholder meeting Friday morning, Apple Inc. investors have rejected all the proposals put forward by shareholders for a vote,” Paul Ausick reports for 24/7 Wall St. “Activist investor Carl Icahn had already withdrawn his proposal for the company to increase its share repurchase program.”

“Shareholders re-elected its entire board of directors,” Ausick reports. “Another company-supported proposal that was approved eliminated the board’s authority to issue preferred stock.”

“Investors also approved an advisory vote on compensation tying executives’ pay more closely to stock performance. Apple had already agreed to the changes,” Ausick reports. “Shareholders rejected a proposal to create a board committee on human rights.”

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  1. Tim does need to knock it off with these public political causes in the company’s name and worry only about Apple’s core business. Steve was smart enough to stay away from that crap and Tim needs to start doing the same.

    1. You’re absolutely right. The guy who has been more or less running Apple for the past 5 or 6 years clearly doesn’t know as much as you do about the company.

      1. Tim’s personal political agenda has absolutely nothing to do with running the company. The last time I checked at least anyway, Apple is a publicly traded corporation and not a political action group. He can donate his own personal time and money toward any of the political causes he supports all that he wants, but he shouldn’t be doing any of that using the company’s name and image though.

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