Apple flat ahead of annual shareholder meeting

“Shares of Apple Inc. traded sideways Friday ahead of the technology giant’s shareholder meeting,” Benjamin Pimentel reports for MarketWatch.

“Apple edged higher at the opening bell, but the stock gave up those gains… as the Cupertino, Calif.-based company geared up for its annual meeting,” Pimentel reports. “The gathering had been widely-anticipated in light of Carl Icahn’s high-profile campaign to make the company boost its share buyback plan. But the billionaire investor backed off after Apple announced a new round of share buybacks that Icahn said were good enough.”

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  1. No matter what Apple does successfully, shares will tank. Bloggers will have a field day posting doom and gloom, iHaters and Samsung/Google/Amazon Drones will have a glorious orgasmic time trolling Apple centric sites about Apple dying sooner or later or something like that.

    1. No that’s not true. Apple is profitable and makes great products. Apple has great margins. And you can’t come up with some world changing product overnight. Having said that, Apple and AAPL are different. Apple the company is doing great. Other companies wish they executed as well as Apple. Doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement. Apple doesn’t do services well, that’s just a fact. And services going forward will be the big moneymaker. Not hardware. AAPL however is a different story. AAPL is an investment. People who invest their money, generally, look to the future not to the past. It’s not what you’ve done for me lately it’s what are you going to do in the next three months to a year. That’s simply investing in the stock market. Anyone who invests in the stock market understands that. Or they should. GOOG may be evil, my opinion, but they have a steady revenue stream that isn’t going away. They are not dependent upon new product releases once a year. It’s consistent revenue. And while they may piss away money here and there, some of these investments will pay off eventually. Or at least that is the general opinion on the street. Amongst investors. The iPhone 5, iPad Mini, iPhone 5s, iPad mini with retina and iPad Air have not brought the valuation back to where it was in September 2012. And those are all fantastic products. I make a living with Macs. Don’t ever plan to change ships. But I try to be prudent with my investments. And I don’t blame the stock market if I do poorly. That’s on me. Too much complaining and not enough wise investing on the part of many here. If after 17 months you haven’t invested in PCLN, AMZN, NFLX, DIS, GOOG and others it’s no one else’s fault. Diversify. Approach investing objectively with a purpose. Be accountable for your investing. Don’t blame others. It’s not some conspiracy against AAPL. Accountability. You can complain or you can do something positive. Choice is yours. If it’s raining outside you can curse the skies or you can get a hat and a raincoat. Act responsibly. Complaining never got anyone anywhere.

    2. The stock is far more profitable when it fluctuates more than slightly, as opposed to just sitting it out and hope it exceeds 1000$.

      Seriously, just do the math. Buy at 500$, sell at 600$, cause panic and buy back at 500$. Repeatable ad infinitum, every time with a 100$ profit per share.
      Panic sellers also help big shareholders increase their participation. I suspect this will change slightly after Tim Cook’s last buyback put a major dent in that strategy.

    1. If you are referring to Tim Cook, you have to agree that you and I know virtually NOTHING about the inner workings of Apple, much less the myriad variables that shape the operations of the largest company on the planet. From my perspective, in this era, having the team Apple currently has is perfect. Steve Jobs satisfactorily executed a flawless succession plan, doncha think? Who would you nominate to succeed Tim, out of curiosity?

        1. I grieve for the mishap that has led to your unhappiness and self-loathing. Go for a walk, get some fresh air. Talk with friends. Share your burden but not your poison please.

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