Following GN Store Nord, hearing aid maker William Demant to join Apple’s ‘Made for iPhone’ program this spring

“The world’s second-biggest hearing aid maker, Denmark’s William Demant, reported a slightly weaker than forecast 2013 operating profit and 2014 earnings outlook on Thursday, sending its shares down more than 4 percent,” Reuters reports. “Its outlook for earnings to grow 5 to 10 percent this year was lower than analysts’ estimates in a Reuters poll. Bernstein Research said in a note to clients that the outlook ‘will be viewed as a disappointment as consensus was forecasting EPS growth of 13-14 percent.’ William Demant’s operating profit (EBIT) for 2013 rose 7.9 percent to 1.78 billion Danish crowns ($326 million), below an average 1.81 million crowns estimate in a Reuters poll.”

“The company said it will join Apple’s ‘Made for iPhone’ programme this spring. It will use a system where the connection between the hearing aid and the iPhone goes through a separate transmitter, typically worn around the neck,” Reuters reports. “Danish competitor GN Store Nord, the world’s fourth-biggest hearing aid maker, this week launched the first ‘made for iPhone’ hearing aid in collaboration with Apple. Analysts say its product has a cosmetic advantage as it inserts the technology into the hearing aid itself, although some say this reduces sound quality.”

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          1. He didn’t say Mexican. He said Merican (as in ‘merican, or American, which arguably is distinct from the English spoken in the more civilised areas of the U.S.) 🙂

    1. You missed out German, but in any case, what on earth has the language got to do with anything?
      It’s a device to help the hearing impaired hear better, not translate foreign languages; you need a BabelFish for that.
      Which I’m sure Apple is developing even as we speak.
      But they’re keeping quiet about it.

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