Even after Apple’s OS X 10.9.2 Mavericks update, some Mail issues continue

“It’s safe to say that Mail in OS X Mavericks has been the new operating system’s least impressive point,” Mark Gurman reports for 9to5Mac.

“Since launch, users have been complaining about issues relating to Gmail accounts, stability, and overall synchronization,” Gurman reports. “Apple first attempted to patch up these bugs with a fix in early November of last year.”

“OS X 10.9.2, which was released yesterday, was supposed to finally just make Mail on Mavericks work correctly for everyone. In my personal testing since release, synchronization with Gmail accounts is much improved and now completely usable,” Gurman reports. “But it seems that as 10.9.2 fixed the syncing bugs, some stability issues have re-appeared. Several posts on Apple’s Support Forums indicate issues with the Mail app crashing at launch.”

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MacDailyNews Note: If you are running OS X Mavericks, update to 10.9.2 immediately. If you are running OS X Lion or OS X Mountain Lion, apply Security Update 2014-001 immediately. Use Software Update (Apple Menu>Software Update or App Store’s Updates) or standalone installers, links to which can be found here.

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  1. It’s only a problem for Gmail users — why are people reporting this as though it’s widespread or a major issue? Just don’t use gmail and you’re fine. Gmail is the problem, not Mail.

    1. Not entirely true. MS Exchange users are still experiencing issues sending messages with attachments. It’s been a problem from the beginning. And don’t tell me to stop using MS Exchange. I’m no MS fanboy, quite the opposite actually, but there is no other email system out there that works as well to keep my MBA, iPhone and iPad all in sync for mail, while using my own domain name. If Apple would host my domain for mail, we might have something but until then, Exchange is the only option.

      1. There is a better and lighter solution. Mavericks server is what I use to host my personal email on my personal domain. Everyone in my family gets an email address and all mail is housed on my Mac is on no Microsoft product. Calendar, contacts, mail, notes all sync with mavericks server and the setup is painless.

    2. Such lame, lame advice. That’s like telling someone to buy a PC because they can’t figure out how to open word documents on Mac.

      The problem is that Apple and Google are both disagreeing over details of Internet protocols. You’d have to be fanboy to 100% agree with one company over the other over such a lame and pedantic disagreement.

      Gmail works fine in many similar platforms, including Snow Leopard Mail and iOS Mail … so obviously, Apple has is capable of doing more to make this mail client work with Gmail.

      1. i have to agree, my emails from yahoo works nicely on my iPad and my iPhone but they are all over the place in my macbook pro (osx mail). i have always wondered why its so messy in OSX and wish it wasn’t

    3. Hi zmarc,

      I was having Exchange issues and these were MS related. I never blamed Apple for them. I downloaded and installed 10.9.2 and when I send a message through iCloud it sometimes keeps an unfinished copy of it in drafts, which I then have to manually delete. So it is not a case of Apple being completely innocent in this.

  2. I still have problems syncing photos between Aperture and the shared photo database on my Mac and between the shared database and our iPhones. Often takes three/four tries over several days.

  3. I have been having OUTGOING mail problems for a long time now. This update did not fix it. I have done research on the net reg. this and it seems to be a problem with a number of people. Iphone and iPad work just fine, but in iMac running Mavericks, I cant send email out. I get errors such as password incorrect and server offline. I have deleted the acounts in the past and rebuilt them, and at times after that it seems to work for a while, but eventually, it goes back to what it is now…not able to send otgoing mail. Seriously thinking of getting / using a different mail app. 😒

    1. Seriously, I wonder whether those issues have to do with your port settings.

      If that’s not it, a possible workaround: I seem to recall selecting the server for my reliable gmail account to send out mail associated with a different address.

    2. I was experiencing weird mail issues once that I could not solve. Ultimately I ended up just deleting all my accounts in mail the deleting the mail related folders. I then reran mail and setup my mail accounts then all those weird errors went away for good. I have not had mail issues for a long time now. I used mavericks server for personal IMAP mail access and I access my gmail account for google voice related emails. So I do t use gmail as heavily as others do.

  4. What is often ignored in these “my computer is crashing” complaints is that they are very often the result of issues with the computer, not with the software that is being blamed for the problem. Even in professional forums, one often sees that particular individuals may have problems—sometimes very serious problems—that most other users are not seeing at all.

  5. It is not just Gmail. It is any IMAP account. It still has issues. I am a developer and have constantly notified Apple during the beta stage of 10.9.2 and very sorry to see it still has issues with IMAP accounts.

  6. Finder still doesn’t remember column width settings after you set them, close the window and reopen it. I guess the sales people in charge didn’t think that was important. Oh wait, they were busy worrying about Arizona.

    1. 10.9 in many ways is worse than 10.8, which was less functional, slower and less stable than 10.7.

      It’s hard for a company that has no humility to say to itself, “hey we have a problem writing software, we just are not very good at it”.

    1. OK. WONDERFUL! AWESOME! As you can see I use gmail, previously used many google apps. No more. It shuts down most native MAC apps. iPhone 5s having mail issues, as well. Why don’t you just tell me which email server, webmail, or internet service you use with such perfect results on the native apps! For pete’s sake. Get real. My business as well as my elderly parents’ wellbeing depends greatly on email!

      From a very angry, exhausted and frustrated dedicated Apple user named Renee Turner
      please Reply to YellowHD80@gmal.com (for the time being I can still get email there on Safari, how long will that last?)

  7. This stupid OS X 10.9.2 update deleted all of my “rules” and “smart mailboxes” from Mail. I tried restoring them from Time Machine by moving the files back into my Library directory, but each time I started the Mail program, it reset those files anyway, thus re-deleting them. So, I ended up having to recreate all of my rules and smart mailboxes manually.

  8. Following update, I was unable to log in onto my user account. Resetting through another administrator account did not work. Apple support suggested to back up the drive and start over. On the bright side, the update secured my account for good. A well spent evening! Not

  9. I have an old-fashioned mail account on Panix, NYC’s oldest ISP. I’ve got it set up under Mail as a POP account. Since upgrading to Mavericks, the performance has been terrible – very slow retrieval, processing of rules, indexing of attachments, opening mailboxes for viewing, writing changes to the previously viewed mailbox – everything. It’s not just a Gmail problem. It sometimes takes 30 seconds to move from one mailbox to another. It’s absurd. Never had these problems with earlier versions of OS X.

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