Is Google’s Chromecast worth $35 to iPhone and iPad users?

“When Google unveiled their $35 Chromecast I was genuinely interested. It was cheap and offered a lot of really cool app integration such as streaming from Songza, VEVO, Netflix, Plex and more,” Chris Parsons writes for iMore. “I ended up picking a Chromecast up, setting it up in my bedroom and… barely ever using it.”

“Why? Because I’m invested into the Apple ecosystem and they have me hooked with the Apple TV,” Parsons writes. “So, Chromecast was essentially a waste of $35. But what about folks not already invested in the Apple TV? Is the Chromecast a better, cheaper option for them?”

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  1. I have a AppleTV and I bought a Chromecast just because I thought it was cheap and cool. There is nothing on it that AppleTV can’t already do. As a result, I don’t use it, so yeah, it’s a waste of $35. But I think it holds great promise. I’m waiting for some developer to make it useful.

  2. As usual iMore says nothing about the fact that Google is monitoring what you do with Chromecast and what you are witching then sells it to advertisers.
    With Chromecast you get what you pay for. It has slow wifi and poor video quality compared to Roku or Apple TV.

    1. Funny how Google (or at least its marketing apologists) claimed it gave a superior video quality than Apple TV for the gullible to lap up. I doubted that claim at the time and no surprise then that as usual this was a misleading claim

  3. I love how everyone was so take with the Chromecast like it was something special. All it really is, is a raspberry pie with a web browser installed and a small piece of software to allow web address forwarding to the device.

  4. My brother and his family who are rather invested in Apple bought one specifically to all them to view YouTube vids not viewable on their IOS devices. They love it because it complements their other HW purchases.

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