Apple will make iPhone 6’s unmatched display the ‘killer app’

“Rumors around the iPhone 6 have focused on the possibility of a significant increase in screen size and the use of Sapphire Glass,” Haydn Shaughnessy reports for Forbes. “I think the real change will be in the technology of the display.”

“The iPhone 6 display will be a significant improvement over any other LCD smartphone. It will use the same Quantum Dot technology as the Kindle Fire HDX 7, but with an Apple twist,” Shaughnessy reports. “It will deliver a much wider color gamut than the Fire. Amazon compromised on color gamut in favor of color reproduction accuracy.”

“There are several reasons for believing that Apple will use Quantum Dot (QD) technology and that the iPhone 6 will be a major coup for Nanosys, a company that holds over 300 patents in QD and counts Samsung as one of its major investors,” Shaughnessy reports. “News of Apple working on QD has been leaking since December last year, though it is assumed to be a longer term project than the iPhone 6… I spoke with Nanosysm CEO, Jason Hartlove last week and asked if their technology was already usable in a smartphone, without further technological improvement. His answer was unequivocal. It has no size limits, despite rumors to the contrary. The company will also supply to an 85 inch TV this year. And he told me the first QD smartphone will launch by mid-year. The rumor mill says the iPhone 6 will launch in June…”

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  1. With all of Apple’s competitors having dominated the market with so many choices and dynamite advertising, isn’t it a little late to be recycling claims of “magic” or “sensational” or “wow” or stuff like that? No, it would be much,much better for Apple to return to the days when THEY dominated and wowed the world. But, alas, that was in the pre-Tim Cook era and Apple doesn’t do that anymore.

    1. Jay is spot on, sad but true. I hope this is the last bout of catch up for iPhones. Others have had large 1080p screens that look great.
      I hate to say but such a small percent of users will ever notice what Quantom dot means or what it does or care. How about 3x battery capacity. Removable memory. A connection cord longer than 3 ft. Stereo speakers. a camera flash that Actually does NOT white wash the photo. (iPhones worst fixable feature). or a way to move the cursor vs the stupid magnifying glass. Earphones that don’t tangle. (I love the zipper concept ). Whatever. Tim’s in Alabama. Slamma.

  2. Apple better find another supplier. My cousin in Arizona tells me that there will not be any Sapphire glass available from Arizona for Apple. Seems that with SB1062 Tim Cook and company may not be served. Either that Apple will have to fire all their gay employees.

      1. Your not from Arizona so you likely don’t know about the latest piece of idiotic homophobic legislation disguised as a “protection” of religion. It has the potential to allow a wide range of discrimination against the gay community and while “firing gay employees” may be a slight exaggeration it ain’t too far off the mark. If the governor has any sense she”ll veto it. Ah well, we’ll see soon enough…

  3. “But, alas, that was in the pre-Tim Cook era and Apple doesn’t do that anymore.”

    It is likely that there will never be another Steve Jobs or it will be decades or centuries for someone of his genius to emerge in the field of technology again. Greats like Sir Isaac Newton and Einstein don’t happen that often.

    Even if he did exist today it is likely that he, like Steve Jobs, would not go to work for another company. IMHO – he would start his own.

    So what is the solution to the problem that Tim Cook is not Steve Jobs?

    1. The solution is to sue the negligent members of the board of directors for allowing Apple to descend into ordinary. They obviously don’t care about shareholders or customers – the only two things they are suppose to do. They are a bunch of rich guys luxuriating in the reflected light of yesteryear. They should be looking for a CEO who has a clue of what to do next.

      1. Tim Cook is what keeping the company going FYI his iventory mamagement skills and supply chain mamagement!!

        Apple as a company Apple is the world leader in this feild!! Plus under Time Cook Apple has announced the most revenues and profits in its whole history

      2. What an ass you are! Do you wake up every morning pissed off, or do you just have a case of the Mondays? You seem to be very impatient with Apple, so why not just go buy some other company’s products, and shut the hell up? The rest of us will wait and see what Apple releases before judging them. I’ve been an Apple customer for 28 years, and I have seen time periods in which it appears that they’re not innovating as much, and then all of a sudden, they release something that leapfrogs ahead of everyone. In the meantime, their current products kick ass. I’m not concerned about them having less market share since a great deal of the market is made up of freetards and cheap bastards that Apple would not want as cusotmers anyway. I think Tim Cook is doing a great job. If you don’t, that’s your opinion….wrong though it is.

  4. Add to the article above.
    iPhone 6 will also locate anyone on earth or Mars.
    Will also replicate any simple matter.
    iPhone 6 will be self powered with a molecular nano core and last for 10 years. Pundits say that is not long enough and Samsung will announce an anti matter core good for 15 years. But only have a 90 day warrantee.

  5. there’s a reason all these companies and analysts are always comparing themselves or others to apple and it isn’t because they just get off to kicking their favorite ball.

  6. I’m definitely looking forward to the iPhone 6, but I really don’t understand what the real-world implications are for a “wider color gamut” using quantum dots. I mean, it’s still a phone, not a home theater. Phone display are now, unlike when the Retina Display was first announced. all pretty awesome. Unless you are in a lab doing color accuracy tests, I’m not sure what — again, real world — difference it will make.

    (I’m a total Apple fanboy…but my continued enthusiasm is dependent on some expectations).

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