US Postal Service to issue Steve Jobs stamp next year

“Many of his creations reduced the need to send physical mail, but late Apple founder Steve Jobs will still get a fitting tribute from the US Postal Service: his likeness will appear on a postage stamp beginning in 2015, according to a document obtained by The Washington Post,” Carl Franzen reports for The Verge.

“Other deceased icons receiving their own stamps that year include Elvis Presley and famed Tonight Show host Johnny Carson,” Franzen reports.

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MacDailyNews Take: Jobs’ stamp is currently “In Design Development.” Before they get too far along in the process, we hereby nominate the following image:

Steve Jobs US Postal Stamp


  1. And if Jobs were alive to approve the design it’d take 2 years, go through 348 versions, require an all new printing process to produce and cost three times the price of every other stamp. But it’d be perfect.

    1. Licking a stamp, like dialing a telephone, is an anachronistic expression from the past century. And stamps can be, and have been, die cut in non-rectangular shapes, but that just wastes paper stock for novelty’s sake. Flavoured stamp gum had been tried but failed the taste test.

    1. as an aside, great interview with a younger Jobs (circa 1995) currently on Netflix entitled “Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview.” Uncanny how he so accurately predicted the future of computing and brutally assesses his own mistakes at . Really interesting.

  2. I hope they use a photo from when he was young and outrageously handsome and not always the photos from the years just before he died, all thin, etc. thats now how I want to remember him..

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