Apple can’t afford to wait until September to unleash iPhone 6

“We are just on the verge of the launch of Samsung’s next generation Galaxy S5 flagship phone,” Ashraf Eassa writes for Seeking Alpha. “The rumors are running rampant and it’s hard to get a good read on exactly what this smartphone will feature or what it even looks like, but it’s pretty clear that it will be a state-of-the-art design from a hardware perspective. On the software front, Samsung is still well behind Apple, but could dramatically improve its ‘TouchWiz’ interface for the S5. At any rate, the key takeaway is that Apple can’t afford to wait until September to counter.”

“The innovation engine across the industry at large is already moving extremely quickly (even if the rest of the market is bludgeoning its margins in order to compete in this increasingly crowded market), so Apple is unlikely to be able to wait until September before it has to pretty aggressively cut prices on the iPhone 5s in order to maintain its market share at the high end,” Eassa writes. “Apple is going to need to ‘wow’ consumers with a next generation iPhone in order to fend off the Android hordes from eating into its outsized portion of the smartphone industry’s profits. There’s no question that Apple can do it – it’s proven itself time and again as the designer of the world’s best smartphones – but the question is whether Apple would rather milk the current design for all its worth or move quickly to a next generation design more quickly.”

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      1. Copying with a dose of SMGH (smartphone growth hormone).

        The media has cheapened the word “innovation.” The original iPhone is a good example of innovation. The whole Android ecosystem, especially the Samsung piece of it, is just a blatant copy with a few changes thrown in to make it sound new. But only a fool would call it “innovative.”

    1. No… The article is correct. Samsung is eating Apples lunch as far as market share goes. Why lose any market share? Apple is giving it away. Apple is letting Samsung PROVE that you do not need an iPhone. Same with their tablets.. Wtf apple? what the hell is going on there? Yup. The new iPhone better wow the kids. And the same dunces will blame the analysts.

  1. Wake me up when people line up around the block to get their hands on a first-day launch Samsung Galaxy. It’s a popular phone, by Android standards, but only hardware geeks and Android fans get excited by it. I really don’t think that Apple should be basing their iPhone strategy on what Samsung is doing with the Galaxy.


  2. Let me get this straight.

    Apple makes great products because they never rush products to market, Samsung still hasn’t got it right and now Apple should rush it’s next phone to market because Samsung is coming out with its next not quite right product.

    Great advice. /s

  3. Damn, I guess that does it then. DOOMED again!

    Contrary to the sellers of other phone brands, Apple has no need to spam the market with devices, supports its existing devices well and earns more from its well curated ecosystem than several OEMs together.

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