Apple A8 rumors cite no Samsung, no integrated LTE

“The rumor mills be churning once more, this time with talk of no Samsung and no integrated LTE inside the next generation A8 chipset,” Richard Devine reports for iMore. “The first of those comes out of Taiwan and claims that TSMC and not the Korean giant will be tasked with production of the A8 due to low yield.”

MacDailyNews Take: As opposed to being serial thieving scumbags that Apple should have cut off at the knees years ago.

“The second rumor makes mention of LTE, and that Apple will once more turn to Qualcomm to satisfy future devices needs for high-speed mobile data,” Devine reports. “Fudzilla: ‘Apple on the other hand will focus on making a fast 64-bit ARM-based successor to the Cyclone-based Apple A7, possibly codenamed A8, and this chip will once again be a big piece of silicon without an integrated LTE modem. Apple will continue to use Qualcomm’s external LTE chip for next iPhone.'”

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    1. While almost everyone on this forum would agree that cutting Samsung out of the component mix for Apple would be a good thing, MDN’s long-time attitude about this is juvenile and rooted in complete ignorance of the challenges associated with sourcing for high quality products built in the tens of millions.

      The reality is that Samsung continues to supply Apple because it consistently meets its quality and volume requirements. Apple has spent billions trying to get other companies up to speed – Sharp displays are a prime example – with disappointing results.

      When it comes to these CPU chipsets, basically there have only been two companies in the world who could meet Apple’s needs: Samsung and Intel, and the latter has been reluctant to be relegated to contract fab status. TSMC has been (like Sharp) the beneficiary of Apple’s tooling investments and – apparently – is now close to joining the party.

      Although the geniuses at MDN – who I am absolutely sure have never stood on factory floors in Asia like I have – think that all this takes is money and *poof* a miracle happens, the reality is that it takes years to shift component sources when the specs and quantities are at Apple’s level. I, for one. prefer that Apple deliver the highest quality products possible, rather than compromise to satisfy a juvenile need to stick it to a competitor.

    1. Its not really but if they could integrate the LTE into the A8 or A9 it allows better control of the usage of power. Hence longer battery life which is the holy grail of mobile.

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