IHS: Cloud spending to balloon to $235 billion by 2017

“Companies like IBM and Microsoft have already spent billions transitioning their services to the cloud, and a new report shows they have no intention of stopping anytime soon,” Jennifer Booton reports for Fox Business.

“In fact, enterprise spending on the cloud is expected to triple over the next three years to an estimated $235.1 billion by 2017, according to a new report from IHS (IHS). This year, spending is forecast to jump 20% over 2013 levels to $174.2 billion,” Booton reports. “In an increasingly mobile world, the cloud has become a critical strategy for businesses across all industries, enabling consumers to access vast amounts of data and media such as music from their smartphones and tablets.”

“IHS believes the number of global consumer subscriptions to the cloud will jump to 730 million this year from 630 million in 2013,” Booton reports. “Google (GOOG), Apple (AAPL), Amazon.com (AMZN) and Microsoft are now offering premium public cloud storage services, while smaller competitors like Dropbox and Barracuda are offering a fixed amount of free storage to compete with tech giants.”

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          1. You used to be able to sync Calendar with a simple USB cable. Now, you MUST use iCloud. That’s bullcrap!
            Apple is going down the wrong path. They aren’t delivering what customers want. This is how giants like GM, IBM, Microsoft (and now Apple) fall from their lofty perches. They all lost touch with the customer.

    1. Especially with the crappy 5GB free limit that they give customers when Google Drive offers 15GB free storage.

      Apple behind the curve as usual typically acting as bloodsucking leeches making you pay for cloud services others are offering for free.

        1. The personal data mining thing is overrated. I use Gmail and other Google services all the time. No adverse effects. It’s just another talking point raised by Apple fans because they have nothing better to argue against. And so they continue to be raped by Apple oblivious to the fact that they should pressurise Apple into bundling more free services.

      1. I wish it were that easy buddy. Have you tried backing up your iPhone to iCloud? It’ll eat up all your 5GB free limit. Apple should raise the free limit to 20GB. It’s not that they can’t afford it but that they want to squeeze the last 5¢ from their customers.

    1. Given the hacking breaches in large systems, whether data centers for retailers or for government (HHS) or 3rd party storage, it is obvious that for people and companies with proprietary information, you are dealing with fire.

      If some competitor/spook/foreign competitor finds out that your company runs its proprietary data on “thecloud” and figures a way in, they can steal the data &/or compromise/destroy it.

      Why not get a MacMini or MacPro in a remote location you can make secure, partly by obscurity and you run your on remote server?

      FOLKS, this is not rocket science to run your own server!

  1. The cloud and cloud-based services only grow with the existence of cheap ubiquitous broadband service. There isn’t anything that looks like that on Americas horizon. Right now it’s increasingly expensive, spotty and throttled service. Until that gets turned around, there will be little growth. It will be like cable, with more and more people seeking to avoid dependence on it. Internet connectivity is infrastructure, like roads and water, and should be under the control of government, aka the collective will of the people.

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