Apple to debut new set top box in April for Christmas launch; currently negotiating with Time Warner Cable, others

“Apple Inc. is planning to introduce a new Apple TV set-top box as early as April and is negotiating with Time Warner Cable Inc. and other potential partners to add video content, according to people with knowledge of the matter,” Adam Satariano and Edmund Lee report for Bloomberg.

“Apple is aiming to have the device available for sale by the Christmas holidays, though the release date could change,” Satariano and Lee report. “The new device, which plugs into a television set, will have a faster processor than the previous version and an upgraded interface to make it easier for customers to navigate between TV shows, movies and other online content, one person said. An agreement with Time Warner Cable would mark the first such deal with a pay-TV provider.”

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    1. Why not AirPlay mirror the game on your iPhone/iPad to the Apple TV? That way you only have to buy the game once (for the iPad/iPhone) and the developer will only need maintain one code base (for iOS). Furthermore, your iPhone/iPad will have sufficient storage to install the game whereas you will need to increase the flash storage on the Apple TV to more than 16GB in order to store games and provide a buffer for streaming videos (so they don’t stutter on playback).

      Get a BT enabled controller for your iPad and you should be set.

        1. If you include gaming in Apple TV, you will have to substantially beef up the GPU and CPU, and storage, which will push the cost of the device to $200-300. Then you’ll be getting into a dogfight with PS4 and XBoxOne.

          I have played mirrored games on the Apple TV without any noticeable lag. Besides which you can’t expect PS4 visuals on an Apple TV so then you’ll be left to dogfight with the Nintendo Wii as a gaming device which would be targeting the wrong segment of the market.

    1. Actually, this is one that makes sense to me.

      Apple cannot (at this point) offer very much content because of distribution agreements between broadcasters and cable/satellite.

      What they CAN do is offer an ‘in-between’ that ties the iTunes ecosystem with your local provider, giving you one box for your personal content, iTunes streaming and cable/satellite but with a better search capability.

      Would be excellent if they allowed an external drive for all music/movies/etc with audio out to to receiver and through HDMI to TV.
      Basically an TV with USB3/Thunderbolt ports(and maybe DVR function?)

      Yeah, and throw in the ‘Extreme’ router ability with 802.11ac to stream content to other ‘Express’ TV boxes/Airplay devices.


  1. Would be great for Time-Warner if the data went through the internet to AppleTV. They could then compete in every market across the country, even places like where I live where they don’t seem to have any purchase at all.

    1. All I ask is that the hardware allows EVERYTHING ELSE to plug into IT, so I can leave the atv as the main and only input to the tv. Changing to and from this input and that is really really frustrating and a horrible tv watching experience.

      1. Once you connected the HDTV of the AppleTV, everything that is supplied by the iOS device is available without changing the rest of your home entertainment system. I would be able to drop out my TiVo box and just have my AppleTV there. If the Apple DVD player is allowed to work with the AppleTV, then my DVD player can be dropped. I would still leave by Mac mini attached for access to what ever else isn’t supported by or available to the Cable company or AppleTV. Shows on some channels are available only to those on the InterNet.

  2. SOS!
    All this speculation from ANAL ysts is about to bring out the mother of all Burfs!!!
    I can’t even spell MDN properly because of the horror and dread such headlines and articles induce! 🙁

  3. anyone think they will add FaceTime to the apple tv? If it doesn’t have a cam built in, i don’t see why they can’t have a USB port to allow someone to connect a webcam to it. you then would have the webcam attached to the top of your tv. you could have some cool FaceTime calls btw families. living room to living room

    1. The new Apple TV won’t have a camera in it.

      Now that most TVs are flat screen, you can no longer perch a set top box on top of the TV. Apple TV has no operational controls, so it can be conveniently placed out of sight. Once it’s out of sight, there’s no point in having a built-in camera.

      1. No, the new Apple TV might not have a camera, but it would be nice if it could access the camera that is built in in the flat screen. That way, the family FaceTime session would work.

      2. thats why i mentioned being able to plug in a webcam. I don’t see any reason why they couldn’t have it setup like a mac mini. I bought a logitech 920 and plug it in to my usb port on the mini and i can FaceTime. there isn’t much to the FaceTime app. should be easy to add it to an appletv

  4. Seeing as just about all the cable companies are doing their utmost to destroy their reputations and screw themselves in to oblivion, good riddance, I’m not so hot on this prospect.

    1) All Cable TV drops dead NOW
    2) All existing cable becomes public property with government oversight and leasing.
    3) It’s a net-neutrality world be default, not other options available.

    IOW: F*CK Time Warner, Comcast, and all the other default monopolist, customer hating scum. Your reign of terror is over. F*CK you US government for ever putting us through that hell. One of your worst FAILs ever.

      1. It’s all about him, not reality.
        But then again, government is taking over medical, so why not?
        I mean….it’s my right, man!
        I was born in a rich country and IT OWES ME!!!

      2. No stupid. State regulated, We The People owned.

        Remember the FCC? Remember what radio waves are? Remember how the FCC regulates who gets to use the radio waves at what frequency?

        It’s the same damned concept. Don’t insult me by pretending this is anything approaching communism. To hell with communism. I’ll keep your nick in mind as a likely source of stupid posts in the future. Do try harder.

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