Apple’s iPhone 6 to feature ‘bezel-free’ display, sources say

“Amid the mounting rumors about the upcoming unveiling event from Samsung Electronics later this month, fresh speculation surfaced on Tuesday that Samsung Electronics and Apple Inc. would both roll out bezel-free phones that support fingerprint scanning for their next-generation flagship models ― the Galaxy S5 and the iPhone 6,” Kim Young-won reports for The Korea Herald.

“An industry source said Samsung Electronics’ Galaxy S5 would sport a display without a bezel, or the rim surrounding a screen, and allow users to scan their fingerprints at the bottom of the smartphone screen. The phone will also eliminate the home button hardware featured on the previous Galaxy models, he said,” Kim reports. “The source said that Samsung’s top rival Apple is also testing a similar prototype sporting a bezel-less screen that features a fingerprint scanner.”

“Some critics, however, cast doubt on the adoption of bezel-free displays, saying the panels could become too vulnerable to external impact,” Kim reports. “Apple’s next iPhone, meanwhile, is widely rumored have a bigger display.”

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  1. Oh, wow! If only it could be true! My life is a day to day struggle with depression and feelings of worthlessness. If only my iPhone could be bezel-free!!!! Then life would be worth living!!!!

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