Apple job listing discloses ‘new platforms as of now unannounced’

“With the debut new product categories promised by Apple in 2014 will likely come entirely new platforms, and a fresh job listing from the company discloses that such plans are in fact currently in the works,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider.

“A newly advertised opening for the position of ‘Instrumentation Design/NPI Engineer’ posted by Apple this week, and first discovered by AppleInsider, seeks a hardware expert that will help usher in the introduction of new products,” Hughes reports. “That Apple is working on new products is no surprise, but the listing also mentions that the position will cover all of the company’s existing major platforms, as well as ‘new platforms as of now unannounced.'”

“As for what new platforms Apple could be working on, the most obvious potential choice could be a wrist-oriented operating system for the company’s anticipated ‘iWatch’ accessory,” Hughes reports “Rumors of such a device have persisted for months, but have picked up considerable steam at the start of 2014, suggesting that the introduction of such a product could occur this year.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


  1. iServer would be high on my list and I don’t mean a Server in the general sense, but a powerful home computer capable of serving up our stuff. A Mac Pro for the home.

    This computer would combine TV, Time Capsule, Airport, and other peripherals into a homogenized unit for under a Grand.

    It’s time Apple found a home for these loose ends if for no other reason than to pare down unnecessary SKUs.

  2. “As for what new platforms Apple could be working on, the most obvious potential choice could be a wrist-oriented operating system for the company’s anticipated ‘iWatch’ accessory,”

    I’m sure that they are way down the road already on that OS. Not an “obvious potential choice” to me. Maybe the *next* next big thing.

  3. I wish they would do a major overhaul of the iTunes platform.
    We need iTunes Family, with Adult accounts for purchases and Child accounts for downloading and streaming what has already been purchased. Then they need to come up with a deal where, My kids can get there own account with all of the stuff I have previously purchased at a heavily discounted price or free. This would take care of who owns my digital purchases after I’m gone. And a home server that can have multiple people connected to the same iTunes folder without causing issues.

  4. Interestingly — and probably quite importantly — “NPI Engineer” means ‘New Product Introduction Engineer”.

    This suggests to me that the final release could be some way down the line.

    1. You can’t read anything at all into these job adverts. It’s entirely possible that Apple wants to recruit somebody who will initially shadow somebody experienced in Apple’s ways before that new recruit is given real responsibility at some future point. It’s also possible that Apple needs somebody like this right now to start work asap.

    2. Instrumentation design is a very specific and curious designation. The two functions involved are primary measurement and display, and process control. Primary measurement and display could obviously tie in to iWatch, if it senses body temperature, pulse, and other vital signs. Process control could have to do with home HVAC controls, or automotive controls. Your home HVAC and automotive ECU are both classic processes that are crying out for a giant leap forward. Maybe Apple is looking at smart homes and smart(er) cars.

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