IOC: Olympic athletes may use Apple iPhones without restriction during opening ceremony

“The International Olympic Committee confirmed today that Olympic athletes are free to use any device they wish during the Opening Ceremonies, including iPhones,” Jordan Golson reports for MacRumors. “They are also not required to cover any logos on their devices.”

“Yesterday, it was reported that Samsung had asked athletes to cover the logos on devices made by competitors during the opening ceremonies as a condition for receiving a free Galaxy Note 3 smartphone in the gift bags given to all athletes,” Golson reports. “It is possible that Samsung requested that logos be covered, but it is not an official IOC request and athletes will not be penalized for using or displaying non-Samsung phones.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Yet another weasel move from convicted patent infringer Samsung.

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  1. There ya go Samsung. Instead of giving and showing these great athletes who at this moment could care less about a smart phone a nice gift to show them support (since you are one of the sponsors) and by the way would have put u actually in somewhat of a positive light , u instead bother them and try to force these childish idiotic conditions on these guys and gals who have a way lot more on their plate And now Samsung you have just shown a lot of people what type of insecure underhanded company you are

  2. Just get out of there with as many gold medals as possible without getting blown up, guys and gals!

    Russian security. Government intelligence. Ventura Freeway. Obama administration. Oxymorons, all.

    Our prayers are with you, athletes!

  3. Hey sammy, here is an idea, why don’t you star making products that people ACTUALLY WANT TO USE and not products that you have to convince and some times FORCE people to use?

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