Olympic sponsor Samsung demands Apple logos on athletes’ iPhones be covered during opening ceremony

“Olympics sponsor Samsung is reportedly dropping Galaxy Note 3 smartphones in athletes’ goodie-bags, though the gift comes with a catch: a supposed ban on any other device branding, iPhone or otherwise, during the opening ceremony,” Chris Davies reports for SlashGear. “Details of the clamp-down, which is said to require the Apple logo on an iPhone be physically covered so that it’s not caught on camera during the televised ceremony in Sochi, were spilled by the Swiss Olympic team.”

“The Note 3 [was] in among the other promotional kit sponsors have been offering, Bluewin reports, but the phone came with guidelines on what Samsung is said to be requiring in return for its financial support,” Davies reports. “Samsung is pushing the Note 3 hard at the Olympics, equipping what it’s describing as its ‘Galaxy Team’ athletes with the pen-enabled smartphone to demonstrate how their training and their trip abroad can be better documented.”

“Whether Samsung will get its wish or if the public eye will be distracted from its role in the event remains to be seen,” Davies reports. “Although the Swiss delegation is apparently happy with its accommodations, others visiting Sochi have been less impressed by the new hotels there, and quick to report their dissatisfaction with part-finished hotels and no running water.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Part-finished hotels and no running water. The perfect match for the user experience offered by Samsung phones.

Olympic athletes, cover the backs of your iPhones with these:

Apple logo stickers

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


      1. To be fair, no running water and non-finishes hotels is, in fact, an issue, but a minor issue — media loves to sensationalize things.

        The bigger issue is that in preparation to those games, Putin and his friends stole $15 billion of people’s money.

  1. Are the other Android phones also being covered? How about watches? Will the Microsoft Surface tablets have to be covered. Not sure but there may be 1 or 2 in the group.

    I would put my Apple white headphones on and do the bite me!

    I smell fear. What will they do when the friends and family are taking pictures? Are we going to block them too?

    1. If shitstung is sponsoring it I won’t be watching it anyway.

      Anything that company does I have no interest in as far as I’m concerned they’re a lying, cheating ripoff merchant that steals ideas.

  2. Better yet, put a very noticeable cover or patch on your device. Red would be awesome, or white for dark devices.

    The only sanction for using iPhones is to have to return the Note 3.
    Use of your own devices is not banned, Samsung just tries to create an ‘everyone loves and sues our devices!’ narrative it can exploit to try making a point in the future.

    1. It’s the same thing with all of the Games’ sponsors.

      At London 2012, athletes were required to wear Adidas sportswear when out of competition regardless of whether they were contracted to Nike, Puma or whoever; so you could compete in your chosen brand – that being regarded as technical equipment – but at all other times you could only wear Adidas.

      And don’t even get me started on McDonalds and Coca-Cola.

  3. Stupid. They are not going to make the athletes do anything, like putting a stupid sticker on the back of their iPhones, or only using the Samsung-supplied device at the ceremony. If they attempt to enforce (or even suggest) such a stupid rule, the athletes will tweet about it and the whole thing will blow up in Samsung’s face as an embarrassment.

  4. Unfinished buildings are par for the course for Russian Olympics. I was at the 1980 Olympics in Moscow and in the broadcast suite, they built it in such a rush that some of the offices had no doors and one particularly busy office had the door hung the wrong way round so that it opened into the corridor and blocked the corridor.

    It might not have mattered, but in the world of broadcasting, everything needs to be done in a rush and so it wasn’t at all unusual for somebody to open that door in a hurry at exactly the same time that somebody was rushing down the corridor.

  5. The athletes will be able to buy the same Samsung device in a couple of months for about three bucks

    so I say let’s support the athletes by telling them we will give them the same phone in three months and that they should proudly display Apple all over them and it would be really cheap advertisement for apple.

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