Jim Cramer: These Apple jitters are for naught

“When you shake hands with several hundred people and you are not a politician, what do you think people want?” Jim Cramer asks for TheStreet via Yahoo Finance.

“I can tell you the answer: Apple,” Cramer writes. “During my book-signing event last night in Manhattan, I stopped counting after 20 people asked me if they were OK in Apple. Some bought the stock lower. Some bought it higher. But they are all scared to death about it.”

“The funny thing is that Apple’s pretty much the opposite of ‘scary’ these days. It is a slow-growing, low-multiple value stock of a company that has oodles of cash and new products that may or may not move the needle as surely as the new Tide pods might move Procter & Gamble,” Cramer writes. “That’s right: I don’t think Apple is going down much, but I don’t think it will run away either.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: As if Apple will never revolutionize another market again.

Surprises are a-comin’!

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to never profit from AAPL.


  1. Surprisingly, Jim Crammer changing his words more than often , one minutes he talked up how great Apple is, therefore AAPL is a strong buy buy buy, then weeks later he said other wise. Crammer is merely a show man none or less.

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