Apple CEO Tim Cook visits Ireland

“The Taoiseach [prime minister of the Republic of Ireland] dismissed claims the government makes specific deals with Apple or any other multinational companies with regards to its corporation tax rate,” reports.

“Discussing his meeting with Apple CEO Tim Cook earlier today, Enda Kenny said that Ireland is ‘participating fully’ in EU discussions about its corporate tax rate, and mentioned the issue to him during their meeting,” reports. “He said that the country has a legally-based statutory rate of 12.5 per cent that applies to all companies.”

MacDailyNews Take: Full participation. Noting half-arsed about it.

“Kenny didn’t say if it was himself or Cook who brought the subject up, but said that the Apple CEO was ‘exceptionally happy’ with the work the Cork office has done,” reports. “Cook addressed staff in the company’s Cork office this morning before he met the Taoiseach… The Hollyhill plant [Hollyhill Industrial Estate in Hollyhill, Cork] employs more than 4,000 people in the office, and was Apple’s first office outside of the US. It’s the assembly point for the MacBook Pro laptop and was previously responsible for Apple’s original iMac machine.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


  1. “Top of the morning to you Cookie me old boyo. Have you come to Ireland to visit our leprechauns then? Give you a bit of luck with the press it will. Pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and all that.

    But boyo, I’ve heard that you speak woodenly like a brick statue to the press. In that case can I recommend a case of the Irish blarney. $10,000 for the dozen. Cheap at any price.

    Now Cookie me old boyo, how about adjourning for a pint of Guinness eh? You can pay for mine with that fat wallet of yours. We Irish have given you enough of a tax break, haven’t we?

    I’d give you a slap on the back Cookie, me old cock, but you haven’t planted a fiver on my palm yet.”

    1. You worked in ‘Cook’ and ‘cock’ but missed the opportunity to
      work in something based the fact that Apple’s office is in county Cork.
      Eventually these MDN forum guys might want the likes of thee
      and me to put a cork in it.

    2. I nominate BLN (“MDN”) and Tom Cruise (“Far and Away”) for worst Internet or Hollywood Oirish. This nation laughs and cries in equal measure at how we are depicted by our actor oidils. I’d pour you a drink, only that would be my full monthly ration (a Sonoma Valley white), so buzz off [says I with a teetotalling twinkle in me eye. Exit screen left].

      1. Incidentally, I loved “Far and Away” (in 70mm) despite Tom’s take on the brogue. “Respect!” to both Tom and Tim – great body of work both of you and I have no doubt there’s lots more to come. Lovely to see the happy staffers in Cork today.

    3. BLN, you are such a vulgar person. Your contributions to this website don’t really offer quality…just rants on random things that aren’t even that big of a deal. I pity you.

      1. Actually, they don’t say top of the morning in County Cork. At least I never heard it spoken, though I haven’t been there since I was three something. But my father never used it, except as an excuse to deck an American who thought he was being too funny.

        1. Ouch. Supporting one stereotype to knock down another? 🙂 . In fairness, “Top of the…” is mostly used with respect and fondness by non-residents including ex-pat’s. Folks often miss the mark trying to acknowledge others’ identity, e.g. Scots are not Scotch, nor Irish Whisky.

  2. “…and now we take you to Darren McKee with a live remote
    out at the Giant’s Causeway, where they await Apple’s Tim Cook.”
    (sighs). I just lost interest in the post. It was gonna be Darren
    at the Giant’s Causeway with a live TV crew assuming that Tim Cook was gonna show up there for god knows what reason.
    KInd of pointless, really.

    1. What is he to do in Cupertino? Greet employees as they come into work? He is not Steve Jobs and I don’t want him acting like Steve at Apple HQ. No one person will ever replace Steve at Apple. What Steve left behind was a culture of creativeness and innovation. I have no doubt that years from now we will look back and see this.

      The CEO’s I know travel quite often for various reason including government regulations, customer meetings, product launches, new plant openings, corporate acquisitions, and visiting other business units. At the executive level face to face meetings are still very important to getting business done. The day to day work of this CEO can be done just as easy on a plane as behind a desk.

  3. I hope Cook was there to tell him that from now on all Apple products sold in the UK bricks and mortar stores will be subject to Corporate Tax on profits paid to the UK and that only products and services sold by the Apple centre in Cork or over the internet into other European countires will be counted as sold by Ireland operations for tax purposes.

    Unfortunately the Corporate Tax Shysters that Apple employs to minimise the tax payable will probably maintain the current crappy system until the EU either gets its ‘sh1t in one sock’ or falls apart.

  4. Max, “minimise the tax payable will probably maintain the current crappy system until the EU either gets its ‘sh1t in one sock’ or falls apart.”

    Max, I suppose you pay more taxes than you’re legally obligated for?

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